Lidl naked onions
Lidl's new naked onions Twitter


  • Lidl introduced the 'naked onions' earlier this month.
  • Customers say the product's plastic package is wasteful.

Lidl has come under fire for selling pre-peeled onions wrapped in "wasteful" plastic packaging.

The 'naked onions' are 'ready to cook' according to the retailer and are intended to save time for busy workers. However, some unimpressed customers have taken to social media to voice their outrage over the unnecessary use of plastics.

The decision to release the product comes at a time many people across the country are reducing their use of plastics, as awareness about the issue grows.

Marine biologist Winnie Courtene-Jones wrote: "Found this #pointlessplastic monstrosity in @LidlUK this morning, seriously?! 2 peeled whole onions on a plastic tray wrapped in #plastic film. no @lidl! Just no, I don't have words for this."

Lorna Rees said: "Today In Lidl. Stupid use of plastic packaging and, well, actual words. Suddenly those M&S cauliflower steaks not looking so silly...."

"Just as I was singing the praises of @LidlUK and their wonderful unwrapped veg, I come across this monstrosity - naked Onions !!! Remove the perfectly good protection & then add plastic protection Unacceptable Lidl", Twitter user David Rose added.

The processed onions cost 79p for a pair - much more expensive than the 55p the store charges for four unpeeled onions.

Lidl have defended the new product and claims they are working closely with suppliers to reduce their plastic waste. They also said wrapping the naked onions was the only way to guarantee food safety.

"Whilst we're proud to have one of the largest offerings of loose fruit and veg of all British supermarkets, packaging plays an important role in ensuring the quality and safety of our products and is crucial to minimising food waste." they said.

"We're also aware of the environmental impact it has so, working closely with our suppliers and industry partners WRAP, we're continuing to reduce the amount of packaging we use and increase use of recyclable materials throughout our range," they added.