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Everyone knows that predicting celebrity deaths is a delicate subject but a leading celebrity website has dond just that.

LimeLife has published a morbid list of the celebrities it says are likely to die in 2012.

The site predicts that this is the year that we could see 10 prominent celebrities including embattled actress Lindsey Lohan, Rolling Stone guitarist Keith Richards and scientific genius Stephen Hawking pass away.

Other stars for the chop include Charlie Sheen, Fidel Castro, Courtney Love and Dick Cheney, Robin Gigg, Abe Vigoda and Randy Quaid.

The gloomy article also notes that danger through drink, drugs and prison inmates could be at the root of Lindsay Lohan's untimely demise whilst it jokes that former US Vice President Dick Cheney is 'technically living without a pulse' following his five heart attacks and claims that his final fatal heart attack could come this year.

We have a look at the celebrities who could be crossing over to the afterlife a lot sooner than you think...