Line of Duty actress Vicky McClure has revealed she was ordered off a tram named in her honour after being accused of fare evasion and was left "mortified" by the incident.

The incident occurred in 2015, after the Nottingham-born actress, known for playing detective Kate Fleming in the police drama, had partaken in the ceremony to unveil the tram.

Organisers Nottingham Express Transit allegedly told McClure's mother, who attended alongside her daughter at the event, that the pair could have a free ride.

However, during an appearance on the Graham Norton show on Friday (21 April), McClure said the reality proved very different, as the pair were quickly challenged by a conductor.

McClure said: "We unveiled the name and then I got on the tram with my mum because we were doing Christmas shopping and they'd said, 'We'll give you a free ride'.

"We were pulling into our stop and I can see the ticket man coming towards us and he's like, 'Can I get your ticket?'"

Despite attempts to prove their innocence, with the 33-year-old even showing the conductor the plaque she had been given during the unveiling, he remained unconvinced and ejected them.

McClure added: "I was like, "Oh my God – you've thrown me off the tram for fare evasion. I was mortified."

Nottingham Express Transit described the event as an "unfortunate misunderstanding".

In a further statement reported by the BBC, the company said: "This was an unfortunate misunderstanding as the travel officer was unaware that Vicky had been offered free travel on the day the tram was named in her honour.

"As you would expect from her, Vicky took the matter in good part and the situation was soon resolved.

"We apologised to her as soon as we were aware of the confusion and we certainly didn't want to spoil such a special occasion."

Despite the incident, McClure insists she wants her name to stay on the tram.