Lionel Messi has returned to Barcelona after going on international duty with Argentina for the past two weeks. Upon his return, he immediately hit back at the negative reports about him that have been making the rounds in Spain during his absence. He was particularly livid about comments made by teammate Antoine Griezmann's former agent, Eric Olhats.

Last week, Olhats accused Messi of having a "regime of terror" at Camp Nou. He also said that Griezmann's failure to show his true potential since his arrival at the club is because of Messi's "deplorable" behaviour towards him.

Messi returned from the World Cup qualifiers and said that "I'm tired of always being to blame for everything." Marca shared Messi's response after news about Olhats' explosive interview dominated headlines last week.

According to Olhats, "Antoine arrived at a club with serious problems where Messi controls everything. He's the emperor and monarch at the same time and he wasn't keen on Antoine's arrival."

The former agent also said that Messi made a point of letting Griezmann know that he isn't wanted by the captain. "Messi's attitude has been deplorable, he's made him feel it," said Olhats.

For his part, the French forward has not confirmed what his former agent said. On the contrary, Griezmann has only ever had positive things to say about his club and teammates.

Messi was hounded by reporters upon his arrival at Barcelona's El Prat airport. He looked clearly unhappy as he addressed questions about Griezmann. To make things worse, he said, "On top of that, after a 15-hour flight, I had the tax authorities waiting for me. It's madness."

It seems that Messi's issues keep growing, and Barcelona is continuing to become an uncomfortable place to be in. After his transfer debacle over the summer, it remains to be seen if the Argentine will still find enough reasons to stay with the club.

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi has put an end to his standoff with Barcelona, for now AFP / LLUIS GENE