LL Cool J
LL Cool J will be making an appearance in a mystery Marvel film Reuters

Actor and legendary rapper LL Cool J has revealed that he's set for a role in a future Marvel Studios movie.

Taking to Twitter, the current star of crime series NCIS: Los Angeles said he was "so ready" for the role.

LL Cool J, real name James Todd Smith, was then beset with questions about what the role might be. Some asked if he'd be appearing the recently announced Black Panther movie, others wondered if he might play Luke Cage in the planned Netflix series.

He didn't reply directly to any of the questions, but did tweet to say that the role is in a movie, which was his only follow-up tweet other than to retweet a story about his apparent Marvel deal.

There's no one that immediately leaps out as a character for him to play, or a movie in which he could star. Earlier this week Marvel announced its full movie line-up for the next five years, which included new series in the form of Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Inhumans and Black Panther.

LL Cool J's social media approach is reminiscent of Vin Diesel's openness about his meetings with Marvel well before he was cast as Groot in this year's Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel president Kevin Feige admitted to Wired that the interest Diesel generated helped him get the job, so the same may work here for Cool J.