Shares in British banks were broadly up on the FTSE 100 in morning trading despite the ongoing debt crisis in Greece.

Last week saw banking shares decline thanks to the Greek crisis and concerns about the global economy, however on Friday banking shares began a brief rally that appeared to be continuing today.

Today the Greek parliament will debate controversial austerity measures so that it can receive yet another bailout from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund.

By 10:05 shares in Lloyds Banking Group rose 1.27 per cent to 43.94 pence per share, Barclays shares increased 0.93 per cent to 239.50 pence per share and HSBC shares climbed 0.94 per cent to 608.60 pence per share.

RBS shares however declined 0.08 per cent to 35.62 pence per share.

Overall the FTSE 100 was up 0.37 per cent to 5,718.85.