If there's one rule that rules them all, it's this: things never go smoothly.

Proving this ancient rule was Lloyds Banking Group, whose splitting of Lloyds TSB into two separate banks - Lloyds and TSB - was given a rough ride on Twitter by customers.

The social network was awash with irate Lloyds customers who had, overnight, become TSB customers. And vice versa.

Some were unaware of the change. Others were left with no branch for miles. Those with multiple accounts found themselves suddenly split between the two.

What's more, the TSB website crashed under the weight of traffic, no doubt from concerned customers wondering why a bank they hadn't seen for 18 years has reappeared, like a really boring glitch in the space-time continuum.

In film terms, this was the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan meets Back to the Future.

Here's what those on Twitter had to say.

The Isolated

"My nearest branch is 42 miles across the Irish Sea. When will I be able to use Halifax branches? #handy," wrote @Mcfaggen.

"Thanks @asklloydstsb for making sure my closest branch is nearly 20 miles away," tweeted @ishbroken.

The Nobody Told Mes

"@AskLloydsTSB why has my account been moved without a.) Asking me, or b.) Informing me in any way this would happen?" wrote @BethanyBlack.

"Erm @AskLloydsTSB why am I finding out via Twitter that the bank is splitting. Where are my accounts going? I've not had a letter to confirm," wrote @clairemgale.

"Lloyds tsb changing hands did I want to become a tsb customer did you even ask if I wanted to be one tht would be a no...." tweeted @raejamzeyy25.

The Mixed Up Kids

"Woke up to find some of my accounts on @AskLloydsTSB and the others on @TSB banking website. This isn't confusing or anything," wrote @defiesmeaning.

"LLOYDS/TSB YOU ARE A JOKE! Business and personal ac split up, online banking down, cards not authorised online, bus. accounts due today!" wrote @jemjemoliver.

"Now that Lloyds TSB is now Lloyds and the TSB. My various accounts are with seperate banks. Dammit," tweeted user @la_clements.

"Can't deal with lloyds tsb splitting. Now my current account is with Lloyds TSB and my savings are with TSB. Stupid," wrote @JessicaNurney_x.

The It's Still Not Fixed Yets

"We're really sorry that some of our customers had problems with Internet Banking this morning. It's all fixed now. Thanks for your tweets," tweeted Lloyds from the official Twitter account.

Which was nice of them. Except...

"@AskLloydsTSB so fixed that i still can't see my transactions and the helpline were less than helpful," replied @stolen_name.

"@AskLloydsTSB are you joking! I still can't get on! What bit of fixed is that!" wrote @resetparenting.

"@AskLloydsTSB It's not," tweeted blunt minimalist @chr1shardcastle.

People Laughing at TSB CEO Paul Pester's Name

"Mr Pester. Bank manager. Hahaha! #TSB," wrote @GillianMcShane.

"Chief Exec of TSB Bank is called Paul Pester haha #ironic," tweeted @mackrel7.