Google Creative Labs snapped up two gongs at the Lovie Awards 2014 for two separate projects- DevArt and Spell Up.

Speaking to IBTimes UK in London at the ceremony, two of Google's senior staff revealed how inventing seemingly simple applications and thinking more creatively about drawing attention to technology, can inspire would-be coders across the country.

DevArt is one of Google's major projects that is intended to explore art made with code.

It was made by developers using "technology as their canvas and code as their raw materials to create innovative, interactive digital art installations", to inspire the younger generation to get their feet wet in the industry.

Meanwhile, Spell Up, a simple word game and Chrome Experiment that is designed to improve your English by using your voice, is also part of Google's drive to help tie in education and coding as well as showing how a simple idea can lead to a wide-reaching and life altering result.

Google Creative's executive creative director Steve Vranakis and creative lead Xavier Barrade spoke to IBTimes UK about their awards, what inspired the projects and how they hope they will inspire more children to take up coding.