London's appetite for Italian cuisine has transformed over the last two decades, moving from a hunger for family friendly pasta and pizza staples, to more exquisite and intricate gourmet dining experiences.

The UK's capital has gained Vivo, a bakery, café and bar, which seeks to put contemporary spin on the traditional take of Italian dining, in October 2013 – and one year on, the group has gone from strength to strength after refurbishing the premises with a new roof terrace.

Adorned with romantic lighting and authentic olive trees, brothers Will and Ben Thompson have tried to create a who new dining experience to the norm, after shirking off careers in law and property development to follow their passion for Italian culture.

Speaking to IBTimes TV, Will Thompson told us what sets Vivo apart from myriad Italian eateries in Britain's capital and how their connection with Italy has helped them shape first-hand knowledge of regional tastes, traditions and produce.