Sadiq Khan is no fan of Donald Trump. Since his election to the post of London mayor, he has spoken out repeatedly against the US presidential candidate. After commenting that he may be barred from visiting the US if Trump wins and establishes his ban on Muslims, Khan has now made it very clear who he is supporting in the race.

In an interview with CNN, London's first Muslim mayor explained that he does not appreciate Trump making him an exception to the Muslim ban.

"I'm not exceptional. So for Donald Trump to say Mayor Khan can be allowed but not the rest is ridiculous because there are business people here who want to do business in America who happen to be Muslim," he said, pointing out that some members of his entourage are Muslims.

"The point is this, it's not just about me. It's about the message it sends from the greatest country in the world," Khan explained.

"There are young people here who want to study in America who happen to be Muslim. There are people here who want to go on holiday in America who happen to be Muslim and around the world.

"Now by giving the impression that Islam and the West are incompatible, you're playing into the hands of the extremists."

According to him, the real estate tycoon is manipulating people by playing on their fears rather than addressing them. Calling Trump and his team's views of Islam ignorant, Khan pointed out: "It is possible to be a Muslim and to live in the West. And it's possible to be a Muslim and to love America."

Khan said he would definitely find a way to go to America where he plans to meet with other leaders to discuss business, climate change and crime control. "So, of course, I'll travel to America. But I'm hoping that he's not the guy that wins".

Donald Trump, Sadiq Khan, Hillary Clinton
Sadiq Khan (centre) voiced his support for Hillary Clinton (right) and hoped Trump (left) doesn't win REUTERS/Scott Audette; Jack Taylor/Getty Images; REUTERS/John Sommers II

While the 45-year-old mayor has taken a strong anti-Trump stand, he also voiced his support for Hillary Clinton and hopes to see a female US president soon. "Just imagine the message it sends to my daughters and to girls around the world that the President of the United States of America is a woman, not any woman, a woman with the gravitas, with the experience, somebody who is a unifier in leading the USA.

"And she'll be an inspiration. I'm quite clear in my mind who I want to be the president of the USA."