Sumatran tiger Melati gave birth at London Zoo (ZSL/YouTube)

London Zoo has welcomed its first tiger cub in 17 years and managed to catch the birth on film.

The Zoological Society of London announced that the Sumatran tiger cub was born on 22 September.

Zookeepers kept the pregnancy a secret for 105 days. They monitored new mum Melati through hidden cameras during her pregnancy.

Her labour lasted just six minutes. Keeper Paul Kybett said: "We are simply over the moon about the birth of the tiger cub. It's a momentous occasion for everyone at ZSL London Zoo and a real cause for celebration.

"We were nervous about the pregnancy as it was Melati's first cub and we didn't know how she'd react. When it came to her due date, we were all watching our monitors with bated breath.

Jae Jae and Melati
New parents Jae Jae and Melati met at Tiger Territory in March (ZSL)

"The birth happened very quickly and Melati's maternal instincts kicked in immediately as she started licking the cub all over and it soon began wriggling around. We couldn't have asked for a smoother birth.

"It's still very early days so we're leaving Melati alone to take care of her adorable baby. Our cameras allow us to watch them both from a distance. So far she's proving to be a doting mum."

The cub is the first to be born at the zoo since Hari, the newborn's maternal grandfather.

Both mother and baby are in a special cubbing den in the zoo's Tiger Territory and will remain away from public view for a few weeks.

Melati and the cub's father Jae Jae first met at Tiger Territory, which was opened by Prince Phillip in March to encourage breeding Sumatran tigers. The species is critically endangered.