Remy Cabella
Remy Cabella Getty

Montpellier owner Louis Nicollin has mocked Newcastle United's summer signing Remy Cabella as he believes the midfielder could have joined a top club like Manchester United or Arsenal.

The 24-year-old completed his switch to the Tyneside club less than a week ago. The French international was a rumoured target for the Red Devils as earlier reports suggested that United were interested in securing a deal for Cabella.

However, the midfielder decided to sign for Newcastle in the summer transfer window as he joins eight other compatriots at St James's Park. Nicollin believes having several French players convinced him to leave Montpellier for Newcastle.

"He wanted to go. I wasn't happy, but I told him, 'Congratulations.' In England, there is Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United, which are above Newcastle, but Newcastle is a club with a lot of French [players]. He likes them, so great," Nicollin said.

"Personally, I would not go to Newcastle. But hey, I'll see him when he plays against a club in London."

"He has what he wants, fine, we'll see. But in any case, he has the ability to succeed in England, that's for sure. He is frail, but he's hard to catch," Montpellier owner added.

Meanwhile, Cabella has admitted that he used to learn by trying to imitate former United star and Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo. However, the French midfielder says he is now looking to create an impression of his own.

"I loved to learn how to dribble like him and do the tricks, but now I am on the professional stage, I have my own way," Cabella explained.

"I am looking to improve all the time and Newcastle is a well-known, very good club. I just love to improve and that's what I'm here to do."

Cabella also expressed his keenness to play his first match wearing the Newcastle shirt as he is eagerly waiting to hit the ground for his new club.

"Yes, that's something I am here for. I am looking to improve all the time and hopefully become one of the best. I just love improving. My first match at Newcastle is something I have been really looking forward to." the midfielder added.

"I love to play. Big matches or little matches, I am always there. It makes me want to play more, the fact that this match is such a big one at the start, and I am looking forward to just getting involved in the season."