Louis van Gaal has admitted to feeling "very bored" during some of Manchester United's games this season. The 64-year-old Dutchman has been widely criticised for his conservative approach to games and van Gaal has confessed that he too has found some of United's matches to be tedious.

The Red Devils currently sit fifth in the Premier League table, having endured a series of disappointing results and performances in recent weeks. And van Gaal – whose team were booed off at half-time during the club's FA Cup win against Sheffield United – has confessed they have failed to play eye-catching football this campaign.

"There are matches that I have enjoyed," he said, according to the BBC. "And there are also matches where I'm very bored or angry because we are not disorganising our opponent's defence, but that is football."

Meanwhile, the Manchester United boss also defended his style of management, revealing he does not stand on the touchline because he does not think it helps his players.

"I'm not Sir Alex, as you know. Everybody is different and I don't believe in yelling from the sidelines. I believe in communication during the week, during the preparation, and I believe in my players who have to perform," he told The Mirror.

"Sometimes the players who are [playing] on our sideline we can influence. But if we can only influence one player, then the individual player has to communicate with the other players. You cannot do that as individual players. It's very difficult. There aren't so many players who are capable of doing that, also because of the noise."

Van Gaal sat on the bench throughout Manchester United's tepid FA Cup tie against Sheffield United and he does not think he could have influenced the game by standing on the touchline.

"The fans are supporting their clubs. In the FA Cup match, a lot of Sheffield United supporters were yelling, so it's not so easy to make yourself understood. It's not easy to do that. A lot of managers are doing that, but I doubt if they have real influence," the Manchester United manager said.