Barcelona star Luis Suárez is happy to play second fiddle to Lionel Messi. The 29-year-old centre-forward has helped form a fearsome attacking threat alongside the Argentine superstar and Neymar at the Catalan club.

However, Suárez has admitted he does not mind playing a supportive role to Messi, who he acknowledges is the world's best player. The controversial Uruguayan also revealed he is relishing life in Spain, where he moved in 2014.

"Honestly, I couldn't be happier," he told the Daily Mail of his relationship with Neymar and Messi. "It's all natural, you know? We don't sit there and plan it beforehand. Everything you see comes from inside. People don't see it but inside the dressing room we laugh and joke a lot so it's not just for the cameras.

"It's the way things are off the pitch too. We are happy for each other, it is all natural. I'm not envious of Leo or Ney. Why would I be? If there is envy in the dressing room, you know it's only going to affect results."

Although Suárez and Neymar are considered to be superstars in their own right, Suárez said Messi is the player who sets the standard at Barcelona.

"I know what my strengths are and what theirs are and what the three of us do is play for the good of the team. We realise that Leo is the best and we play so that Barcelona win trophies," he said of his Barcelona teammate.

"There is no envy between us three. There have been cases in the past where some players have fought or argued among themselves and there has been some envy and the team has suffered because of it. That's not going to happen now."