Barcelona star Luis Suarez has claimed that "there were possibilities to join Real Madrid" when in the summer of 2014 he opted to leave Liverpool for the Nou Camp instead. The Uruguay international, nevertheless, claims that once the Catalans approached, he didn't think twice as playing alongside Lionel Messi was a dream that he never though he could fulfil.

Suarez was tipped to become a Galactico signing after he led Liverpool to a second position in the Premier League with 31 goals in 33 appearances. Yet, he moved instead to the Real Madrid arch-enemies, despite his big-money transfer was put under scrutiny due to a long-term ban for biting Giorgio Chiellini during the World Cup.

"Arriving to Barcelona was the dream I had. There were possibilities to join Real Madrid but when Barcelona came, I didn't to listen anything else," Suarez said to beIN Sport. "It happened after the World Cup incident and Barcelona were the ones who supported me."

The La Liga giants went ahead with the transfer despite Suarez not being unable to play during the first three months due to the suspension. The former Liverpool star admitted that he thought his style didn't fit in Barcelona's passing game style but the move has paid off, with Suarez having scored 84 goals while providing 50 assists in 95 appearances for the Catalans.

"I remember that before the World Cup [in 2014], I was asked during an interview if there was a chance of me coming [to Barcelona]," the striker added. "Due to my style of play and characteristics, I said it was impossible. Just two month before, so when I had the chance, it was a surprise for me and I said that I couldn't lost that opportunity. It was my dream."


Suarez has eventually scored more goals than Messi and Neymar this term. Yet, he said that he still feels himself like a black sheep among the Barcelona impressive trident.

"It doesn't annoy me because I know it. I know my limits. That's why it doesn't offend me and I laugh. When Messi and Neymar start to do things with the ball in training, I prefer to leave so I don't get in the way. We are like two roosters and a chick," he said while pointing out the good relationship among the three attackers as a key behind the Barcelona success.

"Many believe [the Messi-Neymar-Suarez relationship] is all an act but it's a true friendship, where there is no jealousy and where we get on both on and off the pitch. We advise each other and are happy for each other when things go well. The good relationship we have also generated a good environment in the rest of the team."

"Playing for Barcelona is what I've always wanted. I'm alongside the best players in the world, I've won the Champions League... And being able to tell my children and my grandchildren one day that I played alongside the best player in the history [Lionel Messi] it's something unique for me."