Anonymous Hackers Release Statement, Live Video Stream of Adbusters’ Occupy Wall Street Protest
Following the launch of Adbusters' Occupy Wall Street protest on Saturday, hacker collective Anonymous has released a fresh statement and live video feed explaining and chronicling its involvement. Wikimedia

While LulzSec released the password and email information of 62,000 internet users, Anonymous released a video confirming that in spite of the recent arrests of some 32 suspected members, it would carry on its cyber war against the Turkish government's internet censorship policies.

The video was released yesterday via YouTube. Running for 52-seconds the video highlighted Anonymous' motivation for its recent string of DDoS cyber attacks against several of the Turkish government's websites.

Playing suitably moody music in the background a computer generated voice read out Anonymous' statement:

"We are anonymous. Over the last few years, we have witnessed the censorship taken by the Turkish government, such as blocking YouTube, Rapidshare, Fileserve and thousands of other websites.

"Most recently, the government banned access to Google services. These acts of censorship are inexcusable".

The video went on to reiterate Anonymous' hacktivist leanings and beliefs about internet freedom, "The internet is a platform for freedom, a place where anyone and everyone can come together, discuss topics, and share information, without fear of government interference".

In its closing statements the video re-affirmed Anonymous' intention to continue its campaign against Turkey's government, citing its belief that it is fighting "with" the Turkish people:

"We, Anonymous, will not stand by and let this go unnoticed. We will fight with the Turkish people against their government's rain of censorship. Citizens of Turkey, Anonymous fights with you."

The video comes just after the Anonymous collective reportedly began targeting its 4Chan-born sibling LulzSec. According to reports the Anonymous attacks against LulzSec were motivated by its disapproval of the collective's targeting of "soft targets" and innocent internet users.

The video did not specify who, what, when or where Anonymous' next attack would be.