sugardaddy business card
The card that was being handed out (with the email address redacted) Volusia County Beach Safety

A man in Daytona Beach, Florida, has been banned from all beaches in the county after complaints that he was handing out business cards that said he was a "sugardaddy seeking his sugarbaby" to young women.

A report from Volusia County Beach Safety said showed the business card had a picture of a young woman sitting on an older man's lap next to text reading "sugardaddy seeking his sugarbaby / Ask me about your monthly allowance" and an email address.

'Sugar baby' is term used for younger people who will engage in a relationship with an older person, usually a man known as a 'sugar daddy', in return for financial gain.

73-year-old Richard Basaraba was banned after the mother of a 16-year-old said that he had engaged her daughter and some friends and continued talking to her even though she made it clear that she was underage.

The report said Basaraba carried bra padding around with him and pulled it out during the incident, saying that he needed someone to fill it. The report said that Basaraba then told the underage girl "you would be perfect."

In an interview with the Daytona Beach News Journal, Basaraba said that he would tell women he was looking for his "Cinderella" but did not find a glass slipper.

He told the paper that he did not want to entice anyone to do anything illegal and that he was "embarrassed" by the situation that occured with the 16-year-old on Saturday. Basaraba said he admitted to handing the card to an 18-year-old but not to the younger friend, though he said he made the mistake of saying "call me when you're 18," to her.

Basaraba was not arrested but was handed a six-month ban from the county beaches for violating an ordinance that prohibits soliciting on the beaches, the report said.