A 27-year-old man from Northern California chopped off both his hands from the wrist after allegedly stabbing his father multiple times with a pair of scissors.

According to a report in the Huffington Post, Jason Dunn used a power-saw to cut off his own hands after injuring his father Gregory, 59. Several reports suggest the violence stemmed from a heated argument between the two.

Dunn, who has been charged with the attempted murder of his father, pleaded not guilty in a Shasta County courtroom on Monday where he appeared with his reattached and heavily bandaged limbs.

Court records say that on 17 June police arrived at the Dunn home in the Redding area to find a wounded Gregory in the driveway while Jason had both his hands severed.

Deputies reached the scene at about 3:30pm after receiving a call reporting a disturbance in the family home on Scheer Drive.

According to authorities, Dunn acknowledged being responsible for stabbing his father and severing his own limbs.

The Record-Searchlight of Redding said Dunn was being held on $575,000 (£375,000) bail and will appear in court again on 15 August.

KRCR-TV reported Gregory suffered wounds to his neck, throat and torso.

"After stabbing his father multiple times, Jason Dunn said he then used a power-saw to sever both his hands", Detective Will Gardner wrote in his arrest report according to Mail Online.

Soon after the authorities arrived at the scene, both father and son were rushed to Mercy Medical Center where doctors successfully reattached Jason's hands.

According to neighbours, the Dunns were known to have a tumultuous relationship and could often be heard yelling at each other.