Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum Cleaner (Representative Image) Image Credit: Flickr/Ebrunar

A man who was on the run after allegedly beating his wife to death with a vacuum cleaner in North Las Vegas has been caught by an FBI-Los Angeles police taskforce.

The man is being held in the Los Angeles Police Department jail, police said on Wednesday.

Police officials arrested Anthony Tyrone Mayo at an apartment in Mojave, California on Tuesday morning, according to the LA Times.

Mayo was later taken to the LAPD jail, pending extradition proceedings to return him to Nevada.

Last year Mayo allegedly beat up his wife, 40-year-old Beverly McFarlane, in an attack which eventually resulted in her death. An arrest warrant for Mayo was subsequently issued, police said.

Mayo attacked his wife in August last year as a result of which she suffered injuries to her head, neck and body. It is alleged that Mayo first strangled McFarlane and later struck her on the head with a vacuum cleaner.

Several weeks after the attack, McFarlane succumbed to brain injury, according to police.

Two children who were present in the house during the attack were unharmed. It is unclear if the children belonged to the couple.

Soon after the attack, Mayo fled the crime scene, but charges of murder, coercion and domestic battery by strangulation were filed against him by prosecutors.