A man who decapitated his boss has been jailed by Oxford crown court for at least 19 years after pleading guilty to manslaughter with diminished responsibility.

Jonathan Limani, 33, beheaded his boss Christopher Varian, 32, during a cigarette break at the golf course where they worked. Limani worked as a waiter at The Oxfordshire golf club restaurant in Thame. Varian was a manager.

The victim's parents told the BBC that they were on their way to their other son's wedding when they learnt of the death.

His father, Nigel Varian, said: "That Chris had been killed by this guy who worked for him, and that he was beheaded at the scene, was just impossible to get to grips with.

"It was just after lunchtime and when a break came up Chris went out to the staff smoking area to take a cigarette and while he was there this man Limani followed him out there and assaulted him with a knife.

"Chris didn't appear to have time to even cry out.

"When he was on the ground Limani then proceeded to decapitate him in the most gruesome manner.

"It was just a total shock to us when we heard this. This is probably the most shocking aspect of the whole case."

Catherine Bearder, Liberal Democrat MEP for Southeast England, said: "This is a dreadful crime but it's very difficult to see how that could have been prevented."

The victim's mother, Sue Varian, said: "It's still hard to come to terms with his loss and the horrendous manner in which he died.

"It's left me with a bed and breakfast business that I no longer want to be in. My heart's gone out of hospitality.

"We are now trying to sell and I don't know where we will go from here except that we want to be with our family and keep strong together."