Batman vs Superman
Batman vs Superman BatmanVsSuperman2015/facebook

The new Batman vs Superman image of Ben Affleck as Batman was released to a mixed response from fans. While some appreciated the darker, brooding look, most fans found the costume looking bulky, blurry and incredibly grim.

Even though the image did not reveal anything about the Man of Steel 2, it did give fans and netizens an opportunity to have some fun with it – by making some hilarious memes of the moping Bat.

"You could blame the new Sad Batman meme on Irish journalist Will Hanafin, who used the hashtag #SadBatman on top of the newly revealed pic. Soon, photoshopped pictures of Affleck's masked hero began cropping up faster than you can say 'To the Batmobile,'" states a Huffington Post report.

According to the report, if Affleck's dejected pose is any indication, it seems that Snyder has gone in a darker, moodier direction with his Batman than the comics did (a move that earned him no love from audiences when he tried it with Superman in Man Of Steel).

Check out some of the hilarious memes of Gotham's down-and-dejected masked crusader: