Taser Gun
A French gendarme uses a Taser gun during an exercise during the Security Day in Nice, southeastern France, October 8, 2011. REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

A 23-year-old man was allegedly tasered to death by police after they mistook him for a burglar on the run with the same name.

According to a report in Mail Online, Jordan Begley, 23, who may have had problems related to his heart, was charged with 50,000-volt stun gun by officers who were called by Begley's mother to deal with a domestic fight.

It emerged on Thursday that the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is investigating into the matter.

"We will look at all relevant information, including call handling and radio transmissions between officers responding to Mr Begley's address to see if any mistake occurred, and if it did, if that mistake had any inappropriate influence on any officer's decisions to use force," an IPCC spokesman said.

Police insist they were told Begley, an ice cream factory worker, was armed with a knife.

On 10 July, Begley's mother Dot Begley had called police to their Gorton, Manchester home to deal with a fight between her son and a neighbour.

"Not long after he got back from work there was an argument with a neighbour but it was something or nothing. Jordan had been threatened and he wanted to go back outside and sort it out but I locked the door and phoned the police", Dot said.

According to Dot, when the officers arrived, the situation was initially calm but the policemen kept asking her if she hailed from Sale, the home town of the 25-year-old burglar, who was at large.

"It didn't make sense at the time but then when I found out about the other Jordan Begley it clicked", she said.

Dot further said her son was "calm and compliant" throughout the ordeal and that the attack by the officers left him "battered and bruised".

"The response was so heavy-handed - Jordan was nine stone and they'd been called out to deal with a domestic argument," she added.

She said she was locked outside her own house by the police and she realised her son was tasered only after an ambulance arrived to take her son to the hospital.

Only six weeks ago, Begley had collapsed due to irregular heartbeats but medical test results to determine his heart condition were yet to come.

Although the official post-mortem test results turned out to be inconclusive, tests carried out on behalf of Begley's family say, he was handcuffed.

The criminal on the run rearrested by police a week after the incident.