Harry Maguire
Harry Maguire's wait to clear his name over his alleged role in the nightclub fight continues Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Manchester United defender Harry Maguire has been left frustrated following the latest update in his nightclub brawl in Greece.

Maguire was taken into police custody after he was found guilty of attacking police officers and resisting arrest. He was also charged with attempting to make a bribe to get out of the mess during his vacation on the Greek island of Mykonos in August 2020.

The former Manchester United captain was then slapped with a 21-month suspended sentence for his involvement in the fight outside a bar. While Maguire had appealed the verdict, which nullified the conviction under Greek law, the player has been awaiting a hearing on the neighbouring island of Syros ever since.

Lawyers' strike in Greece

Maguire, however, has now learned that his wait to overturn the suspension continues because of a lawyers' strike in Greece. The English centre-back was reportedly "geared up" for Wednesday's hearing before an appeals court judge on the Aegean island of Syros. However, the Greek Union of Lawyers have suddenly called a legal action over new tax measures, meaning, only emergency cases can be heard.

Lawyers and other Greek self-employed professionals are objecting to tax reforms announced last year and the strikes have added to a huge backlog in court cases, according to reports in the local media.

Maguire has denied all charges and has repeatedly said that he intervened in the fight only to protect his sister who had joined him on the vacation in Greece. The Greek court drama has been troubling Maguire for nearly four years now, with the footballer waiting to clear his name over his alleged role in the incident.

"The case is going to be adjourned. The strike has meant court proceedings cannot take place. We will be given a new date by the judge tomorrow," the prosecution lawyer, Yannis Paradisis said, according to The Guardian.

Paradisis represents two out of the three policemen who claim Maguire kicked and punched them.

"They are professionals and they know that justice [in this country] can take a long time," Paradisis added.

Since 42 months have passed since Maguire's alleged flight in Greece, it has also been reported that when the hearing now finally takes place, the Manchester United star will not be required to attend in person and will be allowed to give evidence via video link.

"At this rate, Maguire may have retired from professional football when he receives a summons. After eight years the statute of limitations kicks in. If the case hasn't been heard by then it will be written off," a court official at the Syros tribunal said in an interview.

Maguire's hearing keeps getting postponed

It is not the first time Maguire's case has been postponed, with the same thing happening in May last year after his lawyer, Alexis Anagnostakis, was unavailable for the hearing due to a scheduling conflict.

Maguire's football career has been a roller coaster ride since his incident in Greece four years ago. Soon after the alleged brawl, Maguire was dropped by Manchester United on several occasions, but the centre-back remained solid with Gareth Southgate's England national side.

The 30-year-old defender played a significant role in England reaching the final of the European Championship in 2021. While England fans have often slammed Maguire with criticism, the player has been backed fully by his head coach Southgate, who has condemned the "ridiculous treatment of him for a long period of time".

Maguire, meanwhile, even had a fall out with boss Erik ten Hag but soon made his way back into the Red Devils side following an injury crisis late last year. The English defender played so well that he is back to being a regular in the side.

The England national won the Premier League's Player of the Month for November and is expected to start for England during Euro 2024 in Germany in June and July.