A Manchester-bound Ryanair flight was evacuated after a bomb scare at Rygge airport near Oslo, Norway. The passenger aircraft was later deemed safe as no bomb was found on board. The incident occurred on 15 May.

At least two people, one suspected to be a Briton and a Sri Lankan were taken into custody for suspicious behaviour. The flight was reportedly evacuated after two passengers were engaged in an animated conversation and used the word "bomb".

The incident occurred just hours after a bomb threat was reported at the Old Trafford football stadium in Manchester, which later turned out to be an abandoned training device.

"We have seen the news from Manchester earlier today. Taken together, we decided we need to take this seriously," police spokesperson Oystein Stavdal Paulsen told state broadcaster NRK.

Local reports suggest that both the detainees were released after being questioned.

"After questioning of witnesses and those brought in, the police have concluded that the situation is a result of a misunderstanding," police said on Twitter. A replacement flight was arranged by Ryanair at midnight flight, which was earlier scheduled to leave at 4pm GMT.