Atletico Madrid and Manchester City are both at risk of facing sanctions once UEFA completes its investigation of the altercations that took place at the tail end of the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals between the two clubs.

A brawl was witnessed on the pitch for a full four minutes before the situation was brought under control enough for the referee to issue red and yellow cards. The match was goalless at that point, and the friction started after Atletico players started to grow impatient over what they deemed to be the delaying tactics of the Sky Blues.

With time running out, Manchester City were set to advance thanks to a 1-0 advantage from the first leg. The home side was desperate to find an equaliser, and they were well aware of the clock running down.

Felipe could not contain himself and was shown a red card for kicking Phil Foden after the latter took his time to rejoin the match from the sidelines after a challenge. Stefan Savic tried to manhandle Foden, and all hell broke loose as players and coaching staff form both sides started shouting and shoving each other.

There was some hair pulling as well, and even though the match was able to resume eventually, the brawl continued after the final whistle. Video emerged from the tunnel showing players and staff from both sides clashing as they made their way into the locker rooms of the Wanda Metropolitano. Police reportedly had to get involved in order to stop the chaos.

Apart form the video evidence, Marca reports that the fourth official took note of the individuals who were involved in the altercations. Both teams will face multiple sanctions, and unfortunately for Manchester City, they may need to serve suspensions in the semi-finals when they face Real Madrid.

As for Atletico, after having already been eliminated, any sanctions will likely be served in the 2022/23 season.

Atletico Madrid, Manchester City brawl
Tempers flared in the final minutes of the second leg between Atletico and Manchester City AFP / OSCAR DEL POZO