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Manchester City have won their first top flight English league championship since 1968, after beating QPR 3-2 on Sunday in a game that was a fittingly nail biting conclusion to one of the most exciting Premier League campaigns ever.

The champions were trailing 1-2 to their visitors on the final day of the season, with the knowledge they needed to win the game to win the title. Despite playing with an extra man, after the dismissal of QPR captain Joey Barton, Roberto Mancini's men were forced to wait till the last couple of minutes of injury time to score the two goals they desperately needed, courtesy strikes from Edin Dzeko and Sergio Agüero.

The celebrations started soon after the sound of the final whistle and continued on the following day, with tens of thousands of City fans seen on the streets of Manchester to salute their heroes and take part in a victory parade.

Argentinean forward Carlos Tevez, who vowed never to return to the Etihad following his spat with Mancini during a Champions League match in September, was also part of the celebrations, having patched up his differences and returned to play in the final few games of the season. However, in his trademark style, he did manage to spark another controversy - this time because of a banner directed at Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson - the details of which are in an earlier IBTimes UK report.

Controversies aside, the fans were seen having a field day, with men, women and children (all suitably dressed in blue) casting aside their regular daily schedules to celebrate with their team.

Colin Taylor, a City supporter since 1974, was quoted in the Telegraph as saying he nearly "died" when his team were trailing 1-2.

"I had a full head of hair when the match began. I was convinced I was going to have to go into work and face all them reds mocking us. I should have had faith. Should have realised it was typical City to do it that way," the Telegraph quoted him as saying.

There are, as expected, rumblings about the amount of money City have invested in recruiting players and allegations of the club having "bought" the title but City supporters will certainly not care.

Denise Southworth, another fan, quoted in a report by the BBC, said she grew up close to the club's former home ground at Maine Road and was overwhelmed when City were awarded the Premier League title.

"I'm making the most of this now - I feel very privileged to have experienced this in my lifetime as very few clubs achieve this. I've been a fan since my mum took me to the FA Cup parade on Oxford Road in 1969 and City is part of my DNA. The next target is the European Cup," the BBC quoted her as saying.

The players, meanwhile, recognised the contribution and support of their fans, from their own celebrations at Albert Square, saying they were overwhelmed by the support.

"We want to say thank you to you guys. Thank you, thank you, thank you," City captain Vincent Kompany said, according to a BBC report. The club's English winger, Adam Johnson, also thanked the fans and said the players always played for the fans.

"Everything we did was for the fans. It's good we can repay them with trophies," he said, according to the BBC.

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