Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has ruled Paul Pogba out of his side's clash with Everton on Sunday (17 September) after the Frenchman suffered a hamstring injury during his side's 3-0 Champions League victory over Basel.

Pogba captained United against the Swiss champions but seemed to pull his hamstring during the first-half of the clash at Old Trafford. The former Juventus midfielder had to be replaced by Marouane Fellaini, who opened the scoring with a powerful header.

Mourinho admitted he had not spoken with Pogba or his medical team about the injury but still saw fit to rule the 24-year-old of United's clash with Everton, who travel to Atalanta on Thursday. The Portuguese insists he is not going to "cry" about Pogba's knock and is confident his squad can cope in the 24-year-old's absence.

When asked about the severity of Pogba's injury, Mourinho said: "I don't know, it looks for me too [to be a hamstring injury]. I didn't speak yet with him or the medical team. We don't cry with injuries, yesterday we had a huge attack on our players but we go with what he have. No Paul for Sunday, but we have Herrera, Carrick and Matic."

Pogba's injury was not the only thing that irritated Mourinho against Basel. The former Chelsea boss accused United of taking their foot off the gas when they were 2-0 up and has called on his stars to resist the urge to play "Playstation football".

"Well, three points are important, until 2-0 we played very stable with confidence, patience, good choices. After 2-0 everything changed. We stopped playing, stopped making right decisions, we could have put ourselves in trouble, but they didn't score and the third goal came.

Fantasy football, Playstation football, tricks, when you stop to play seriously, I don't like it. The players thought the game was under control with 2-0, but you have to respect opponents."

Mourinho may not have been best pleased with United's at times carefree attitude, but he was more than happy with the performance of Fellaini, who he sees as one of the key players in his Manchester United squad.

"I keep saying the same, he's a player with special qualities," Mourinho said. "He does things some other cannot, he gives me multiple positions and philosophy on the pitch. He's one of my most important players, even when I do not start with him."

Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba
Pogba's night last less than 20 minutes. Getty Images