Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal has urged Radamel Falcao to prove his worth to regain a place in his line-up and confirmed Robin van Persie is doubt for the Premier League game against Queens Park Rangers on Saturday 17 January.

The Dutch boss surprisingly sent the Colombia international to the stands during the home defeat against Southampton on 11 January, prompting rumours about the striker facing an uncertain future at the club.

But after Van Persie picked an ankle injury during that game, Falcao may have a chance to show the manager what he can do at Loftus Road.

When asked about Falcao's situation, he said: "He has to prove himself.

"That we have agreed. Because of that, we have made this deal and everything is clear. It is not the end of the year so he has a chance to do that.

"If a player costs £95m or £5,000, it is not any different for me. But it's difficult for you to understand, I believe. You have to prove yourself and a player of £95m has to prove himself also. If I am not like that, then maybe the player has no motivation, so I have to be like that."

Meanwhile, the manager was once again hesitant to discuss whether he is planning to strength the squad during the January transfer window.

"I don't think that we shall be very active because not many players of a certain level are available. I have already said in the past that we have to buy a player he has to be better than the players we have here now, and that is a difficult job," he said.

Following the result last weekend, the Old Trafford side hopes to get back to winning ways starting with their visit to Loftus Road. They are fourth in the table but have as many points as they had at this stage of the competition last season under David Moyes.

Speaking about the season target to finish in the top four, Van Gaal said: "That is our goal and that I have always said, even in the beginning.

"We want to be champion, but then you have to win matches against Southampton and Aston Villa away. When you are not doing that you cannot be champion.

"Our goal from the beginning was that we start a process to be within the first four because we want to play in the Champions League, and that is still our goal."