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  • Mkhitaryan gives United lead
  • United close to within three points of Tottenham.
  • Spurs have suffered 19 Premier League defeats at Old Trafford - the most of any away ground.

After yesterday's Premier League goal-fest (more goals on a six game Saturday than ever before), today is all about the one-nils. United were the better team, certainly carved out the better chances and deserved the three points. Spurs were strangely mute. Thanks for joining me this afternoon. I'm now going to hand you over to the guvnor, Nick Howson, who is liveblogging Liverpool vs West Ham.

RESULT: Manchester United 1-0 Spurs

We are now into time added on to time added on and Jose is pacing...

Substitution: Fellaini on for Herrera. Not sure United fans will want the big Belgian to go anywhere near his own penalty area after last week's debacle.

Spurs look pretty woeful in front of goal and keep on giving the ball away but United keep on handing it back. Eventually Rose has a half-chance but tries to take one touch too many and gives the ball away.

A Spurs goal now would provoke an amusing reaction from Mourinho I'm sure. Rose wins a corner. Nervous moments for United.

As Spurs pass the ball around at the back, Zlatan is the only red shirt anywhere near them and he chases well for an old bloke. United sitting deep again. But Spurs lacking a clear option finally lose the ball again.

Lloris launches the ball downfield, the ball is cleared, but only as far as a white shirt in midfield. United are sitting very deep here. Too deep. Sissoko floats the ball to Kane at the far post but it's at an awkward height and Kane waves a boot forlornly at it as the ball drifts beyond for a goal kick. Four minutes of injury time remain.

We are about to find out how much injury time we have for United to potentially throw this away. Six minutes. Six.

Spurs are passing the ball and building but then Kyle Walker wastefully crosses too far and gives United breathing space. Jose Mourinho is looking a little anxious and hovering near the water bottles. Step away from the water bottles, Jose, they're not worth it.

But that is a dreadful delivery, floating beyond everyone congregated in the box for a goal kick.

Rose clears the free kick but United are refusing to allow Spurs the chance to build. Some hard challenges going in. Dele Alli catches Carrick with his follow through and United have a free kick. And another one. Four minutes to go. (plus injury time). Rashford over the ball wide on the left...

Substitute: Mkhitaryan is stretchered off with a twisted ankle. Hard to tell how serious it is (serious enough for a stretcher). He's replaced by Bailly. United now have that free kick from wide on the right....

Substitute: Nkoudou coming on for Eriksen for Spurs. Worryingly for United, Mkhitaryan is still down and looks like a stretcher is being brought on for him...

Booking: Rose brings down Mkhitaryan as the Armenian surges past him wide on the United right.

Pogba crosses and finds Mkhitaryan free at the far post, but his control gives the Spurs defence time to scramble across and Manchester have to settle for a corner, which ends with a disappointing effort from Herrera floating for a goal kick. Just over ten minutes to go.

15 second of head tennis ensue and eventually United have a throw in. Fellaini is warming up now and gets a few boos from the home fans.

Booking: Walker tugs on Rashford's shirt as he threatens to break on the left and earns himself a yellow card. And United have a free kick 40 yards out on the left...

Rashford crosses from wide on the left and the ball is long, looping and almost reaches Ibrahimovich but is cleared. As Spurs break Mkhitaryan commits a pro-foul to stop the flow and earns himself a yellow card.

United break but the chance is snuffed out by Alderweireld and Spurs break down the right yet again. Darmian just manages to get the better of Sissoko and the ball is cleared. Quarter of an hour to go.

16 minutes to go and Rooney is warming up. Does bringing Wayne on calm United down? Or add to the sense of panic that they are clinging on?

Here's a video of that first half goal:

Substitution: United bring on Rashford for Martial, possibly to shore up the right hand side, where Sissoko is running Darmian ragged.

Eriksen thumps it low at the far post and de Gea does well to get down and push the ball wide. Spurs exerting some pressure now, but Winks crosses straight to de Gea.

Spurs carve out another half-opening, with the ball reaching Alli at the far post but instead of shooting first time with his left, he cuts back to his right and gives the defence just long enough to scramble back, snuff out the moment. 20 minutes to go and still 1-0 to MUFC, but Spurs have a free kick 20 yards out...

Spurs have a corner halfway through the second half. The ball bounces off Carrick but United are given a goal kick.

Substitution; Harry Winks coming on for Dembele for Spurs.

Sissoko breaks down the right again - he has given Spurs something new - but his ball into the middle evades his own players and United clear.

Booking: Pogba fouls Dembele and goes into the book.

United break again and the Spurs defence is leaving huge gaps. Pogba feeds Mkhitaryan, who cuts the ball back to Pogba, 15 yards out, who shoots first time but close enough to Lloris for the save.

Woodwork! It's Pogba that takes it and it's up and over the wall, coming down past Lloris, who is rooted to his spot, and clatters the bar and bounces away.

United break but Ibrhimovich is horribly isolated. Eventually reinforcements arrive, but when the ball reaches Pogba, Wanyama needlessly fouls and United have a free kick 25-yards out. Zlatan looks like he wants to shoot from here...

Sissoko getting the better of Darmian since coming on, but a ball into the area is again snuffed out. Mkhitaryan looks to break but Rose steals the ball.

Half an hour to go. United have dropped a lot of points late in games so we can expect some Old Trafford anxiety unless they can extend this lead.

Booking: Wanyama sees yellow for an arm flailing at Jones as they challenged for an aerial ball in the United area.

Substitution: Sissoko comes on for Son.

35 minutes to go and Spurs might be lifted by that chance. Or they might just be filled with regret.

Eriksen has a free kick wide on the left with a mass of players gathered on the edge of the area. Wanyama breaks free and is unmarked eight yards out and heads inexplicably wide. That was Spurs' best chance and was woefully wasted.

Eriksen has a second to settle himself 20 yards out and thumps a shot, but it's straight at de Gea and punched away.

Long ball from Lloris is won in the air by Kane but United mop up. Kane hasn't yet received a ball in an area of much use. The Spurs fans make an effort to lift their team.

Five minutes gone and Spurs get into the area but are pushed further and further back until United snatch possession and Valencia breaks down the right but again there is nothing clear cut to come of the effort.

Mkhitaryan breaks well and has runners ready to break in front of him, he slides the pass to Ibrahimovich but it should have gone to Pogba and Spurs intercept. Now United have a free kick which looks dangerous to the edge of the six-yard box but Carrick's header is more of a cushion and Spurs clear their lines.

Spurs working their way down the right through throw ins and Eriksen but again the final ball finds a United head and the Red Devils break, but Pogba strays offside and that threat is over.

No substitutions for either side during the break.

Peep! The second half is underway as United kick off, but give the ball away almost immediately.

What does this mean, Ron?

Meanwhile it's all action in India:

United are worth that half-time lead. Spurs have possibly edged possession but have created no clear cut chances. Meanwhile United have looked a little disjointed and yet have carved out four or five proper chances and an excellently finished goal. Will Spurs change something during the break? What do you think? Share your thoughts via Twitter to @Busfield.

1-0 United


The ball is cleared and the whistle blows and it's half time. 1-0 to United.

United break, Pogba evades one challenge, falls over, and is then furious that he doesn't get the free kick he wants. Spurs have another corner.

One minute of injury time. Told you.

Wanyama gives away a free kick in the centre circle and the ball swings out wide right to Valencia who gets in a good cross which is flicked away, but only as far as Martial, whose shot is comically bad and 20 yards over the bar.

Eriksen takes the corner, Rojo heads it clear, and it's another corner, which is taken short and Son finds himself with the ball on the edge of the area but can't dance his way through. Eventually Spurs run out of room and patience and give away a free kick, giving United the chance to clear.

Another Spurs corner on their right, at the Stretford End.

Ibrahimovich is clattered in a Spurs sandwich and wins a free kick near the half-way line. Carrick helps move the ball forward but the move breaks down. Spurs break and Kane has the ball 35-yards out, where he takes a speculative and, frankly, poor, pot-shot that bounces wide beyond the far post with De Gea looking barely troubled. Four minutes to half-time (plus injury time, but very little of that: one minute is my prediction. It nearly always is for the first half).

Alderweireld breaks into the United area but his shot is bloked. Spurs on top but just not creating anything clear cut. Seven minutes to half-time and still MUFC 1-0 THFC.

Son breaks into the United area but a good block by Rojo sends the ball bouncing away, where Eriksen is then fouled by Herrera. Free kick out wide on the right for Spurs...

Spurs again having plenty of the ball but finding it hard to get free close to goal. Son tries a left foot shot, cutting in from the right and forces De Gea to tip the ball over the bar for Spurs' first corner.

And another chance for United, when the ball reaches Ibrahimovich alone at the back post but he fails to control it as well as he needs to and the shot is saved low by Lloris.

Valencia is booked for a foul on Danny Rose. First yellow of the day comes in the 32nd minute. The goal was in the 29th.

Given that United have created actual chances, they are deserving of this lead. Mkhitaryan has his first goal at Old Trafford and he has looked dangerous.

GOAL! Mkhitaryan! Spurs give the ball away in the middle and the ball is fed trhough by Herrera to the Armenian, who takes a couple of touches and he hits the ball hard and above the spreading Lloris. 1-0 to United.

Action courtesy of MUFC:

United counter and Carrick shoots from 30 yards but he's quickly closed down by Wanyama and it is slightly deflected from it's already off-target trajectory and Manchester have a corner. Which comes to nothing.

Ibrahimovich is playing wide on the left and kicks Kyle Walker as they challenge for a bouncing ball. Spurs free kick, which is sent long but too high for Kane.

Ibrahimovich feeds Martial, on his own, running down the left and he gets into the area but the ball doesn't bounce where he needs it and Kyle Walker gets back and snuffs out the moment of danger. Still 0-0.

Half way through the first half. Spurs have looked slightly better organised, but United have certainly had the best of the chances.

From the corner United have another shot on goal, this time by Herrera, but it's smothered by Lloris.

Wanyama takes the ball away from Pogba, again. But now United get the ball back and move forward and after some sparring, the ball falls to Mkhitaryan who hits a left foot shot first time, but it's blocked well by Vertonghen for a corner.

And now United have a free kick, a bit further out than those Spurs pair of dead balls, and the poor cross is easily headed away. 20 minutes gone and still 0-0.

Eriksen looks tempted and he has a go, it's low and goes through a badly organised wall and de Gea gets down low and pushes it wide. Good, uncomplicated save. Very poor wall though.

Kane tries to break through the United midfield, he scrambles past an Herrera foul, but as he stumbles he's fouled again and Spurs have another free kick in almost exactly the same position...

Spurs have a free kick 35 yards out, slightly to the right. Eriksen flicks it towards the far post where Pogba takes it clear, but now Tottenham have a throw in.

That early chance:

United keeping the ball well. They've only lost one of the 13 home games that have been played under Mourinho but there have been dropped points and disappointing performances. This United look as if they are getting to know each other a bit better though. Still 0-0.

United's turn to attack and the ball comes to Mkhitaryan on the edge of the box. He chests the ball and volleys but it goes a long way over the bar. A good opening 12 minutes here.

Long diagonal ball is aimed for Dele Alli's run to the far post. Alli falls as he comes close to Phil Jones but it wasn't a push, more of a despairing slide that the ball was just a fraction too far.

Spurs playing the ball around at the back, letting Ibrahimovich to chase, but United eventually get the ball back and break fast, but Martial can't escape Kyle Walker and it's back with Spurs.

Son breaks down the left and cuts inside but his shot is high and wide and wasteful. And there's a look of disgust on Dele Alli's face as he waited for the pass that never came.

Lots of United greats at Old Trafford for today's game:

The early passing and movement by United is encouraging. Mkhitaryan almost slide rule passes Zlatan into a great position but a slightly desperate lunge by Alderweireld clears the ball.

Now it's Spurs' turn to attack but a couple of flurries around the edge of the area come to nothing. Still 0-0.

United break and Lloris is forced to make an early save after Ibrahimovich broke down the right and Pogba's low shot was beaten away. That could have been a dramatic opening.

PEEP! And we're off. Spurs passing the ball around midfield, back to defence and off a United player for the game's first throw in, before the first minute is over. Somebody may even have won some money with that.

The ground is packed, the Christmas playlist has been played and kick off is just seconds away. Remember, you can share your thoughts for inclusion in the liveblog to @Busfield.

And the teams are on their way onto the pitch...

The warm-ups are over and kick off is just minutes away:

Where are you watching this game? There's a lot of people watching in Kolkata, along with some United legends:

Spurs are undoubtedly a much-improved team during the Pochettino era and no longer possess a frighteningly unbroken winless run against United at Old Trafford, but history is still not exactly on their side. Click here for a full list of results between the two clubs.

Chelsea have beaten WBA 1-0 and their bandwagon keeps on rolling.

Into injury time at Stamford Bridge and Chelsea are winning 1-0. You can follow the final few minutes here.

So, that's three for a Spurs win, one for a United win and one for the draw. You can share your predictions for inclusion in the liveblog by tweeting to @Busfield.

And here's a prediction from a mate who supports United:

I didn't really need to tell you which team they supported did I?

And here are some predictions from my (Spurs supporting) mates:

Who do you think will win today? You can share your thoughts by tweeting them to @Busfield. Here are my colleagues' predictions:

More info on that United line-up:

There has been a lot of talk in Manchester about United's woes under Mourinho, but following City's disastrous performance at Leicester yesterday there are some (many?) who feel that Jose is not the manager most under pressure. Here is an interesting stat which was flying around social media last night:

And here's the Spurs line-up:

Here's the United line-up for today:

Here's the Spurs team getting off the bus and heading into the Theatre of Dreams:

Still 0-0 between Chelsea and WBA by the way. You can follow that game live with my boss Nick Howson over here.

The teams have arrived at Old Trafford. Here's United getting off the parked (which has been parked, but not in front of the goal. Yet):

We should have the team news from Old Trafford in the next quarter of an hour or so. We'll be sharing it as soon as we know...

Lucky fan Leighton Newman is going to hear all of those Christmas classics.

If you get to Old Trafford early today then you're in for a Christmas treat through the PA system. Here's United's pre-game playlist:

A fixture which used to evoke horrible memories for Tottenham Hotspur, since their first ever Premier League win at Old Trafford in 2013, now represents potential salvation for Jose Mourinho. Manchester United are four games without a win at home, having not taken three points on their own turf since September.

Despite cruising into the Europa League knock-out stage, things are far from tranquil at United and they face a stern test of their credentials when Mauricio Pochettino's side arrive at Old Trafford. Spurs might have been dumped out of the Champions League but they destroying Swansea last weekend with arguably their best display of the campaign.

All the team news and build-up ahead of the 2:15pm kick-off on the way.