Mary J Blige
Mary J Blige is widely reported to be estranged from her father, Thomas Blige.

Mary J Blige's father is fighting for his life at a Michigan hospital after he was stabbed in the neck by his former girlfriend.

Thomas Blige, 63, of Battle Creek, underwent emergency surgery after he was found in his apartment with wounds to his throat, side and arm, police said.

Cheryl Ann White, 50, was arrested at the scene and charged with assault with intent to murder.

Investigators said the incident appeared to be a domestic dispute that escalated after Blige confronted confronted White when he discovered her slashing the tyres on his sport-utility vehicle.

"During the course of the confrontation, the female stabbed the victim in the neck," the police reports read.

Blige's flatmate, Michael Thomas, told NBC station WOOD-TV that Blige "heard some hissing sounds that he heard from outside, where the air was being let out of his tyres".

"He came back in and yelled for me," said Thomas, who said he found Blige on the kitchen floor bleeding profusely.

"I had to grab towels and cover the wounds the best I could until rescue came," Thomas said.

Mary J Blige, who is widely reported to be estranged from her father, has not commented on the incident.