Manchester City advanced to the semi-finals of this season's UEFA Champions League, but the conclusion of their quarter-final tie against Atletico Madrid was a complete disaster. The match ended in a four-minute brawl that spilled over into the tunnel at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid. Police had to be called in to intervene, and it remains to be seen if UEFA will take any further action.

The clash started after Felipe tangled with Phil Foden at the touchline, which eventually led to the Brazilian kicking out at the opponent sans the ball. Foden then proceeded to "waste time" in the eyes of the Atletico squad, who were running out of time to overcome a 1-0 deficit. Stefan Savic was not amused, and he proceeded to drag Foden back into the pitch. He was later seen grabbing Jack Grealish and Ake by the hair.

The final minutes of the Champions League tie between Atletico Madrid and Manchester City were marked by an enormous brawl that lasted four minutes and ended with Felipe being sent off, and Stefan Savic and Nathan Ake cautioned.

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All hell broke loose on the pitch, with players from both sides getting involved, Even the players and staff members from the bench did not stay out of it, with lots of shoving and shouting coming from every direction. The referee waited for the two teams to be separated before sending Felipe off and slapping Stefan Savic and Nathan Ake with yellows.

Ten minutes were added and Atletico players were further agitated after City players kept spending too much time on the ground. The match ended in a goalless draw that sent City through thanks to a 1-0 advantage from the first leg. The match was concluded, but the battle continued in the tunnel as the team members were seen throwing themselves at each other as they were filing out of the pitch on their way to the locker rooms.

The police had to get involved and social media has exploded with footage from the clashes. It remains to be seen if either team will face disciplinary action.

Atletico Madrid, Manchester City brawl
Tempers flared in the final minutes of the second leg between Atletico and Manchester City AFP / OSCAR DEL POZO