McLaren chairman Ron Dennis insists his fractious relationship with Fernando Alonso has been fully repaired following the two-time world champion's move from Ferrari.

Alonso, 33, fell out with the McLaren chief during the 2007 season over the preferential treatment given to then-rookie driver Lewis Hamilton, but the pair have been reunited for the 2015 campaign.

And Dennis has attempted to extinguish any fears over the duo's working relationship heading into the new season by revealing talks have been held with the two-time world champion in order to calm tensions.

"If you go back to that period and really if you say who struck the first blow actually I would say Lewis had his part to play in starting the process," Dennis said upon the unveiling of Alonso and Jenson Button as the 2015 line-up.

"By and large those challenges that you have between drivers, we always managed to be able to defuse; but this one got away from me.

"Could I have engineered a way out of it? I could have done things better. I don't anticipate any issues between Fernando and myself.

"When we started to meet at various rooms over the last few months thee was no question there was some circling and some discomfort.

"We will absolutely have our radar to avoid anything that can escalate in our relationship that is going to be the same message that we've had with Jenson and also with Kevin [Magnussen].

"It isn't an issue and I know the media will look for any fracture for any part in the team's relationship, particularly Fernando and I, but I can promise you, you'll be wasting your time.

"You have to be honest with yourself and you think back and you learn from the things that you did. It's time to think in the future, to be happy and to be competitive and that's what we want from this partnership."