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A New Dawn in Workplace Well-being

In the corporate world, where every aspect of employee well-being is meticulously managed, menopause has remained a shadowy presence—until now. The UK is pioneering an enlightened approach to this natural life stage, with legislation in the works to support menopausal women. At the vanguard of this movement is Become, a brand under the Femography banner, which is reshaping the narrative through innovative clothing solutions that empower women. This change is a testament to a growing understanding that supporting women through menopause is not just compassionate—it's a business imperative.

Two women chat comfortably in the office sporting Become’s signature
Two women chat comfortably in the office sporting Become’s signature Anti-Flush™ tops. Photo: Become

The Business Case for Menopause Support

The statistical evidence is staggering: only 20% of women believe their employers are adequately informed about menopause, and the associated loss in productivity costs an estimated $1.8 billion annually. This points to a significant gap in workplace support for menopausal women, underlining the need for a strategic response. Become's "Menopause at Work" solutions aim to bridge this gap, providing clothing that helps regulate body temperature and manage symptoms, thereby empowering women to maintain professional excellence and reducing the economic impact of menopause-related productivity loss.

Empowerment through Fabric: Become's Innovative Approach

"Become is about empowering women in the workplace," declares Heidi Rauch, Become's Head of Growth. "Our innovative range of Anti-Flush™ clothing acts as a secret armour, offering non-medical relief for hot flushes and night sweats—common menopause symptoms." This initiative seamlessly weaves the need for comfort and confidence into the professional attire of women, affirming Become's commitment to enhancing workplace inclusivity. By addressing the physical discomforts of menopause, Become is not only acknowledging the issue but actively facilitating a more productive and supportive work environment.

Seamless Innovation: Femography's Role Behind the Scenes

To understand the full scope of Become's offerings, one must look to Femography, the FemTech powerhouse behind the scenes. Their partnership with Become is rooted in a shared vision of using advanced technology to meet the needs of women at every stage of their lives. Femography, backed by apparel giant MAS Holdings, leverages industry-leading expertise to craft solutions that give Become a significant edge in the market, reflecting a deep commitment to female health and empowerment.

Pilar Diaz: A Visionary Voice for Women's Health

On the heels of Femography's innovative leadership, CEO Pilar Diaz adds, "We're dedicated to creating an ecosystem that empowers and instills confidence in women, particularly in the workplace, which has been slow to adapt to their changing health needs." Her leadership reflects Femography's role in powering Become's product line, ensuring that the brand's impact goes beyond mere symptom relief to foster genuine empowerment.

Redefining Midlife: Rauch's Advocacy for a Cultural Shift

Heidi Rauch continues to champion this mission, remarking, "We're all about helping women manage their menopausal symptoms with dignity and confidence. It's about redefining this stage of life as one of strength and vitality." Rauch's words encapsulate the brand's ethos, illustrating a concerted effort to dismantle outdated perceptions of menopause and replace them with an empowered narrative of midlife.

A United Front: Gen-M and the Collective Push for Change

Become is also a founding member of Gen-M, a coalition of brands and thought leaders who are championing the normalization of menopause. "We're part of a powerful movement, collaborating with a diverse group to provide products and services that bring the conversation around menopause to the forefront of workplace health," Rauch states firmly. This collective action is pivotal, as it lays the groundwork for policy changes and cultural shifts that will have lasting benefits for women in the workforce.

Community and Connection: The Heart of Become's Mission

The brand has fostered a vibrant community where women can share their menopause journeys openly and without judgment. This forum serves as a dynamic space where experiences and insights are exchanged, bolstering the idea that menopause should be a topic as ordinary as the women who experience it. The brand's efforts here are a reflection of their larger goal: to create a world where menopause is an accepted and celebrated stage of life.

Forward Thinking: The Sustainable Ethos of Become and Femography

The partnership between Become and Femography is also deeply rooted in sustainability. Each product is a statement of their commitment to responsible innovation, ensuring that the strides made in women's health are in harmony with environmental stewardship. This dual dedication highlights the brands' long-term vision for a world where the health of women and the planet are given equal priority.

The Horizon Ahead: Become's Ongoing Mission

Looking to the future, Become reaffirms its dedication to being a leading voice in menopause advocacy and product innovation. "We aim to continue setting the gold standard in menopause apparel and to broaden our offerings to address the wider spectrum of women's health needs," Rauch shares, signaling the brand's ongoing commitment to innovation and support for women's health.

Invitation to a Movement: Become's Call to Women

Become extends a heartfelt invitation to women going through menopause to join a movement that is as much about progress as it is about partnership. The brand stands ready to support women in embracing this transition, viewing it as a powerful opportunity for growth and reaffirmation of their vibrant spirit.

Redefining the Menopause Narrative

As Become continues to redefine the menopause experience, it is clear that their mission extends beyond the workplace. With the innovative support of Femography and a community that grows stronger each day, the future for women in menopause looks brighter than ever. This is more than managing symptoms; it's about creating a societal shift where menopause is viewed not as a pause but as a dynamic commencement to a vibrant chapter in a woman's life.