Unlike Cornelia Parker, the official artist of the 2017 UK general general election campaign, Ealing's Kaya Mar has never been nominated for a Turner Prize and he has never had his works exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts, London.

Mar, born in Turkey and brought up in Spain, is instead well known around Westminster for his satirical paintings of Britain's political class.

From David Cameron to newspaper proprietor Rupert Murdoch, Mar has been taking on the establishment with his canvasses for around seven years.

His subjects are often painted naked, sometimes holding broken off steering wheels.

"You have to channel your anger through the satire. Satire actually is a way to channel your anger," he told IBTimes UK at his west London home, which doubles as Mar's studio and storage centre (he has a shed full of unflattering paintings).

With a month to go before the 8 June vote and Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, Tim Farron, Paul Nuttall and Nicola Sturgeon hitting the campaign trail, Mar is planning more works. Take a tour of some of his works in the video above.