'Blinking white guy'
Drew Scanlon is the star of the the 'blinking white guy' meme. Youtube

This man has one of the most recognisable faces on the internet despite the fact that he is far from a household name.

In fact, Drew Scanlon's is the star of the 'blinking white guy' meme which was shared more than 226 million times this year, taking social media by storm.

The .gif shows a close up of Scanlon who is blinking disbelievingly and is used to express confused disbelief or to suggest that you are slightly insulted.

The original clip comes from a four year old live stream on gaming site Giant Bomb, where Scanlon is a video editor. However, it was first used as a .gif in July 2015 when the Twitter account @eskbl tweeted about their biology class.

This .gif was subsequently shared hundreds of thousands of times, eventually gaining meme status.

Scanlon appeared on Good Morning America yesterday to talk about his unlikely fame, which he admits is slightly bewildering.