Mega Tuesday primaries
Voters walk to a polling precinct on primary day in Florida for the US presidential election in Boca Raton, Florida Reuters
  • The all important Mega Tuesday— or Super Tuesday 3 — primaries were held in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio. All eyes were on Florida and Ohio, as the two winner-take-all states for the Republican races.
  • Following a devastating loss in his home state of Florida, Senator Marco Rubio announced he was suspending his campaign.
  • Hillary Clinton leads Democrats in the number of state wins, as well as delegate count with 1,559 delegates. She's followed by Bernie Sanders, who has 800 delegates.
  • Donald Trump leads Republicans with 621 delegates, and is followed by Ted Cruz with 396, Marco Rubio with 168 and John Kasich with 138.
  • To find out why today's primaries are so crucial, check out our complete guide to Mega Tuesday.

Final Results Democrats

Florida (99.9% reporting)

  • Hillary Clinton: 64.5% ★
  • Bernie Sanders: 33.3%

Illinois (97.9% reporting)

  • Hillary Clinton: 50.3% ★
  • Bernie Sanders: 48.8%

Missouri (99.9% reporting)

  • Hillary Clinton: 49.6%
  • Bernie Sanders: 49.4%

North Carolina (100% reporting)

  • Hillary Clinton: 54.6% ★
  • Bernie Sanders: 40.8%

Ohio (99.5% reporting)

  • Hillary Clinton: 56.5% ★
  • Bernie Sanders: 42.7%

Final Results Republicans

Florida (99.9% reporting)

  • Donald Trump: 45.8% ★
  • Marco Rubio: 27.0%
  • Ted Cruz: 17.1%
  • John Kasich: 6.8%

Illinois (97.9% reporting)

  • Donald Trump: 38.9% ★
  • Ted Cruz: 30.5%
  • John Kasich: 19.6%
  • Marco Rubio: 8.5%

Missouri (99.9% reporting)

  • Donald Trump: 40.8%
  • Ted Cruz: 40.6%
  • John Kasich: 10.1%
  • Marco Rubio: 6.1%

North Carolina (100% reporting)

  • Donald Trump: 40.2% ★
  • Ted Cruz: 36.8%
  • John Kasich: 12.7%
  • Marco Rubio: 7.7%

Ohio (99.5% reporting)

  • John Kasich: 46.8% ★
  • Donald Trump: 35.7%
  • Ted Cruz: 13.1%
  • Marco Rubio: 2.9%

★ Winner called by The Associated Press


That's a wrap for our live coverage of the Mega Tuesday primaries. Thanks for joining and be sure to come back for continued election coverage and analysis!


It seems that we won't receive the clear winners of the Democratic and Republican primaries in Missouri. With the results too close to call, election officials have decided to wait until later in the day to double check on votes before naming victors. As it stands, Clinton swept on the Democratic side, Trump took home three wins and Kasich nabbed his first, very important win. Clinton and Trump appear to be in the lead in Missouri, but are only ahead of Sanders and Cruz by 0.2% respectively.


Sanders has admitted defeat but has vowed to remain in the fight until the Democratic convention in July in an email to the press.


With over 99% of the vote reporting in Missouri, it's still a tight race and neither side has been called. Both Clinton and Trump lead Sanders and Cruz respectively with 0.2% of the vote. There are 52 delegates at stake for Republicans and 71 delegates for Democrats.


Clinton snatches her fourth victory of the night, with an unexpected win in Illinois. There is only one race left for Democrats tonight and it's a tight one. With 97.5% reporting in Missouri, Sanders is ahead by a hair, 49.7% to 49.3%.


With more and more victories under his belt, Donald Trump seems to be morphing into a slightly kinder, gentler candidate at least at his victory speeches.

But that certainly doesn't apply to reporters, whom he slammed as "really disgusting people" to the titters of supporters during his Mar-a-Lago victory speech.

And he didn't take any questions, even though his speech was billed as a press conference.

John Kasich
Republican U.S. presidential candidate Governor John Kasich celebrates his win in the Ohio primary election during a campaign rally in Berea, Ohio, March 15, 2016. Reuters

More important than who won what state—at least at this stage in the game—is the number of delegates each candidate got tonight. We know that Clinton and Trump were leading among their rivals in delegate count and that rings even more true after tonight's five contests. Although results are not fully reported, Clinton has secured more than 200 delegates tonight. Meanwhile, Trump has added at least 150. Here's the breakdown of delegates thus far*:

  • Florida: Trump won 99 delegates | Clinton won 122 delegates, Sanders has 60
  • Illinois: Trump won 24 delegates | Unknown on Democratic side
  • Missouri: Unknown on both sides
  • North Carolina: Trump won 24 delegates, Cruz has 24, Kasich has 7 & Rubio has 4 | Clinton won 56 delegates, Sanders has 26
  • Ohio: Kasich won 66 delegates | Clinton won 75 delegates, Sanders has 38

*Complete results have not been reported. Trump and Kasich both won winner-take-all states, thus taking home all delegates available in those states.

What do these victories mean in overall delegate counts? Clinton and Trump have widened their lead, while Kasich has finally surpassed 100 delegates. With Rubio suspending his campaign, the Ohio governor now moves into third place among Republican candidates.

  • Democrats:Clinton 1,488 delegates | Sanders 704 delegates
  • Republicans: Trump 619 delegates | Cruz 394 delegates | Rubio 167 delegates| Kasich 136 delegates


Donald may be the one person on the face of the earth that Hillary can beat in the general election.

- Ted Cruz


Donald Trump on his "amazing evening."


A calm but thrilled Donald Trump declared the night an "amazing evening" after winning Florida, North Carolina and Illinois — and fully expecting to win Missouri.

In his rambling victory speech at his Mar-a-Lago estate, he immediately took the opportunity to again slam American corporations for taking jobs and dodging taxes abroad — then boasted that the Republican Party "is the biggest political story all over the world" with record numbers of voters coming out.

He chalked up the turnout and his support to an angry electorate. "There is great anger, believe me, there is great anger," he said. Voters "are not angry people but they want to see the country properly run," he added.

He expressed a bit of shock at his success, and noted that when he declared on the campaign trail "We need protection in our country ... that's when our poll numbers shot up."

He added: "This country is going to start winning again ... we're going to have great victories for our country."


Trump claims victory in North Carolina and in Illinois. He's expected to speak soon at his Florida resort, Mar-a-lago.


Kasich gives his first victory speech of the 2016 primary season.


"We are moving closer to securing the Democratic nomination and winning this election in November," Hillary Clinton declared to supporters in West Palm Beach, Florida, after sweeping up in Florida, North Carolina and Ohio.

And already sounding like the nominee and going after her expected GOP rival, Clinton immediately bashed Donald Trump, declaring: "Our commander-in-chief has to be able to defend our country, not embarrass it," she said. "Engage our allies not alienate them. Defeat our enemies, not embolden them."


Wondering what happens to Rubio's delegates now that he's dropped out? Rules about delegate binding differs state to state. Frontloading HQ blog breaks it down:


It's official. Ohio Governor John Kasich has his first victory in his home state.


Ohio marks three wins for Clinton tonight. It's gearing up to be a great night for the Democratic frontrunner, who was concerned about losing several states tonight. Results still coming in, with Illinois and Missouri still in contention.


Is there any chance John Kasich would team up with Donald Trump if the Ohio governor doesn't grab some momentum?


"There's no way I would team up with Donald Trump. No way. Forget it," Kasich told Fox and Friends. "I'm going to be the nominee because we're going to win Ohio. We're going to move across the country with the positive attitude of bringing people together."


Clinton picks up another win in North Carolina.


BREAKING: Marco Rubio has officially suspended his campaign.


Marco Rubio's loss in Florida is Cuba and President Obama's gain.

Obama is working to end half a century of US hostility with the island nation — and Rubio is one of the most major critics of that policy.

Rubio's defeat not only dashes his presidential hopes but also his plans — backed by many in south Florida — to stop the warming relations between the two nations as Obama attempts to boost trade with Cuba by maneuvering around the US embargo.

"Rubio is the icon on rollback" of the budding relationship, Miami attorney Pedro Freyre told McClatchy. With a primary loss " a big, big chunk of the wind goes out of that thrust."


Rubio, who lost to Trump in Florida tonight, is giving a concession speech. He was briefly interrupted by a Trump supporter, who yelled, "Trump for president!" The protester was quickly drowned out by Rubio's supporters, but not before Rubio had this to say:


Florida has been called for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Trump's victory is a major blow to the Rubio campaign.


The remaining polls in Florida and all the polls in Illinois and Missouri will close in about 10 minutes. Early results in Florida, North Carolina and Ohio show Clinton and Trump in the lead, but all that could change.


Polls have officially closed in Ohio and North Carolina. Standby for results.