• Sydney Thunder win the Big Bash League after defeating Melbourne Stars in the final
  • The Thunder won by three wickets
  • Melbourne Stars 176/9 after 20 overs
  • Sydney Thunder 181/7 in 19.3 overs
  • Kevin Pietersen 74 (39), Luke Wright 23 (24)
  • Shane Watson 2/17, Green 2/37
  • Usman Khawaja 70 (39), Kallis 28 (27)
Kevin Pietersen
Kevin Pietersen will be the key player for the Stars in the 2015/16 Bib Bash League (BBL) final Getty

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Brisbane Heats' Chris Lynn is the Player of the tournament, while Travis Head of Adelaide Strikers was named young gun of the Big Bash League.


Usman Khawaja's 70 runs saw him being awarded the Player of the Match award.

He said,

"I don't think that is possible ( is be batting better than Lara, as Mark Waugh said on TV commentary?). Credit to the guys."


David Hussey


Michael Hussey

It has been a great journey. To reach the summit is pretty special. I should thank the back-room staff. Thanks to the fans at the MCG. Thank you to the Stars as well. We have a lot of respect and admiration for them. I think we have a nicely balanced team. When you have three of the world's best allrounders, it makes my job special. I was actually annoyed with myself for playing a silly shot. Then I wanted to soak it up for one more time.


Sydney Thunder have won the Big Bash League after defeating Melbourne Stars by three wickets


Over 20: Sydney Thunder 181 for 7: Ben Rohrer 13 (9), Chris Hartley 0 (0)

Worrall to ball the last over. Rohrer flicks it to deep square leg off the first ball and gets a double. It is followed by a dot ball. SIX..!!! Rohrer finishes the match in style with a six,


Sydney Thunder need 4 runs to win off 6 balls

Over 19: Sydney Thunder 173 for 7: Ben Rohrer 5 (6), Chris Hartley 0 (0)

Chris Green is the new man in the middle. Stoinis is given the ball to bowl the penultimate over of the season. He starts with a wide. FOUR...!!! Green just times the shot well and it goes above the cover fielder and the ball runs to the boundary.
A quick running between the wickets has helped him get a double. Green's mishit goes high up in the air and in the end falls safe. He gets a double, followed by a dot ball.

OUT...!!! Green goes for a big shot once again and David Hussey takes a simple catch. Chris Hartley is the new man in the middle, but will be at the non strikers end. Rohrer takes a single off the last ball.


OUT...!!! Chris Green 8 (5) c Hussey b Stoinis


OUT...!!! Aiden Blizzard runout 16 (7)


Sydney Thunder need 14 runs to win off 12 balls

Over 18: Sydney Thunder 163 for 6: Ben Rohrer 10 (6)

Beer is brought back into the attack. Rohrer is on strike and starts with a dot ball. Chance of a run out and no trouble at the non striker's end. Rohrer takes a single off the next ball.

FOUR...!!! Blizzard slog sweeps for a boundary over the fielders inside the circle, followed by a dot ball. SIX...!!! Blizzard sweeps over deep midwicket and clears the fielder and gets maximum. He takes a quick single and a direct hit from Beer brings an end to his time in the middle.


Sydney Thunder need 25 runs to win off 18 balls

Over 17: Sydney Thunder 152 for 5: Ben Rohrer 6 (3), Aiden Blizzard 2 (3)

Stoinis is brought back into the attack and Rohrer starts the over with a single. Russell is on strike and he misses a short delivery. OUT...!!! A thick outside edge results in a simple catch to keeper Handscomb. The Stars are back into this game.

Aiden Blizzard walks in the middle and starts with a dot ball. He beats the fielder at backward point and gets a double. FOUR...!!! Blizzard swings his bat off the last ball and a misfield allows him to get a boundary towards deep midwicket.


OUT...!!! Andre Russell 10 (8) c Handscomb b Stoinis


Sydney Thunder need 32 runs to win off 24 balls

Over 16: Sydney Thunder 145 for 4: Andre Russell 10 (6), Ben Rohrer 2 (2)

Hussey on strike. Zampa has been given the ball, who will bowl his final over. Starts the over with a single. Russell takes a singe after placing it to deep midwicket. OUT...!!! Poor short selection brings an end to Michael Hussey's innings and that also brings an end to his time on Australian soil.

Ben Rohrer replaces his skipper in the middle and gets off the mark with a single. Rohrer ends the over with a single.


OUT...!!! Michael Hussey 18 (15) b Zampa


Sydney Thunder need 37 runs to win off 30 balls

Over 15: Sydney Thunder 140 for 3: Andre Russell 8 (4), Michael Hussey 17 (13)

Hilfenhaus is brought back into the attack and Hussey is on strike. He pulls one and takes a top edge over the keeper and gets a double. FOUR...!!! Hussey finds the gap on the off side and the ball races between deep cover and deep extra cover boundary, followed by a single.

Russel is on strike and plays sensible cricket by taking a single. Hussey takes a single towards mid off. Russell ends the last ball with a dot ball.


Over 14: Sydney Thunder 131 for 3: Andre Russell 7 (2), Michael Hussey 8 (8)

David Hussey has brought himself into the attack. He starts to his brother Michael and gets off the single. A dot ball to Khawaja as he gives it straight back to the bowler. OUT...!!! Khawaja gets out by giving a simple catch to Worrall at point.

Andre Russell replaces him in the middle. SIX...!!! Russell smashes one over cow corner for a six, followed by a single. Hussey then takes a single off the last ball.


OUT...!!! Usman Khawaja 70 (39) c Worrall b D Hussey


Over 13: Sydney Thunder 122 for 2: Usman Khawaja 70 (38), Michael Hussey 7 (7)

Stoinis will bowl his second over and Hussey is on strike. He just nudges to third man for a single and gets Khawaja on strike. It is followed by another single. Hussey takes a comfortable double after a misfield at square leg. He gets a single after pulling it over mid wicket.

A wide outside followed by a single from Khawaja. A mishit and the ball lands just behind short third man, resulting in a single.


Over 12: Sydney Thunder 114 for 2: Usman Khawaja 68 (36), Michael Hussey 2 (3)

Zampa to Khawaja and the umpire turns down his appeal for a leg before wicket. Gets a leg bye. Hussey takes a single and brings Khawaja on strike. SIX...!!! He walks down the ground and smashes over the ball to get maximum. That brings Sydney Thunder's 100.

FOUR...!!! No ball and Khawaja pulls one to fine leg for a boundary. He will get a free hit. He pulls one to deep midwicket and gets two runs, followed by a wide on the leg side. Khawaja ends the over with a double off the last ball.


Over 11: Sydney Thunder 96 for 2: Usman Khawaja 54 (30), Michael Hussey 1 (2)

Watson is on strike and Marcus Stoinis replaces Gulbis in the bowling attack. Watson pulls it deep square leg and gets a single. A wide on the off side. A thick outside edge beats keeper Handscomb and gets a single,

OUT...!!! Watson digs in and ends up giving a simple catch to David Hussey at midwicket. Michael Hussey walks in to bat for one last time on Australian soil and starts with a dot ball. He then gets off the mark with a single. Khawaja will retain strike with a single off the last ball.


OUT...!!! Shane Watson 6 (7) c Hussey b Stoinis


Over 10: Sydney Thunder 91 for 1: Usman Khawaja 52 (28), Shane Watson 5 (5)

Zampa to continue with the spin. OUT...!!! Kallis come out the crease and smashes it to long on, only for Kevin Pietersen to take a fantastic catch. Shane Watson replaces Kallis and will keep the strike.

Watson starts with a dot ball. He then beats mid wicket and gets two runs to get off the mark. A dot ball is followed by a double towards deep extra cover. A single to end the over.