Windows 10
Microsoft has released Windows 10 preview build 10166 for PCs Reuters

Microsoft has just pushed out another Windows 10 preview build -- 10166 for PCs for Windows Insiders in the Fast ring -- ahead of the public release scheduled towards the end of July.

Very much like the three builds seeded in the first week of July, expect more of bug fixes and other refinements in this release.

Those who are on an older build can upgrade their machines to the most current version; either fetch build 10166 from Windows Update or, ISOs of build 10162 via the Windows Insider Program site.

Purchase Wi-Fi via Microsoft app

Microsoft, with Windows 10, is offering the ability to purchase paid Wi-Fi through the Windows Store via the Microsoft Wi-Fi app, which provides the choice to make payment using a credit or debit card, a Microsoft gift card or PayPal.

Microsoft is currently testing this in Seattle and promises to make it available in the rest of the US.

Click on the network icon on the lower right in the taskbar and you should see 'Buy Wi-Fi from Windows Store' in the list of networks, which will inform you on when you can purchase the Wi-Fi. All you need to do is register in the Windows Store.

Windows 10 SDK Preview build 10166

Along with this, Microsoft has also made the Windows 10 SDK available for this build, containing bug fixes and changes to the API surface area. This SDK can be downloaded from the Windows 10 Developer tools.

But before installing the SDK for the new build, uninstall the 10158 SDK and emulators in case you have them, as this will prevent UI clutter in Visual Studio. Installing the SDK should allow you to see the following changes apart from the usual fixes.


  • Additional getter properties added

After installing the new Windows 10 SDK, update your projects with the Visual Studio Release Candidate to use the new SDK.

Step-1: Open the project in Visual Studio

Step-2: Right click on the project in the Visual Studio Solution Explorer and choose Properties

Step-3: The look of the UI will vary depending on your project type. Click on the dropdown menu that says Target Version.

Note that if you are using a javascript project, open the .jsproj and find and replace TargetPlatform Version with 10.0.10166.0.

Step-4: Select Windows 10 Insider Preview (10.0; Build 10166)

Once you have updated the project file, find the application's package.appxmanifest and perform the following;

Step-1: Open the file, an XML Editor should be displayed

Step-2: Find the Element, Dependencies and its child element, TargetDeviceFamily

Step-3: Modify the MaxVersion Tested Attribute from 10.0.10069.0 to 10.0.10166.0

Step-4: Save and close the file.

What are the known issues

If you have not upgraded the SDK from 10069/10074, you will experience an issue when installing the Windows SDK version 10166, an error that AppVerifier did not install correctly and the setup rolls back or, when trying to uninstall Windows SDK 10 version 10069, an error that the APPVerifier package failed to uninstall.

Perform the following to fix this issue:

  • Download file to your PC
  • Extract it to a known location (for example- c:temp)
  • From an Administrative command prompt, execute


Once that is done, you should be able to install or uninstall the AppVerifier binaries.