A mother-to-be has been left stunned after an ultrasound showed her unborn baby making a rude finger gesture.

Abigail Appleton, of Wraysbury, Middlesex , booked a detailed 3D scan as a family memento - only to see her baby seemingly sticking two fingers up at his parents.

The 36-year-old, who has tried for four years to become a parent with partner Mark McKerral, says the couple are overjoyed about the impending birth of their son, who they plan to call William.

Appleton believes that that her son's comical antics are as clear indication that he will be mischievous when he is born in Jaunary.

"I had a feeling William would be naughty. I think he's going to be a handful - he kicks me all the time," she joked.

William is not the first baby to cause a stir even before he was born.

Cheeky Owen Patrick Skeffington left his parents Kelly Winder and Owen Skeffington open-mouthed when he appeared to stick two fingers up during a special 4D scan.