A migrant who survived a shipwreck in the Mediterranean while travelling to Europe drowned in a lake in Italy, said Italian media. Lesine Sanune, 24, from Ivory Coast, drowned on Saturday afternoon during a trip to Lake Sirio in Chaiverano.

Witnesses told Italian media that Sanune dived into the lake straight after eating and never resurfaced. He was on a trip with other migrants from the centre that was giving him shelter.

Fire service divers recovered his body more than two hours after he dived into the lake. Silvana Perrone, head of the association which runs the migrant centre said that his death was "absurd" after Sanune had already survive the perilous journey to Italy: "He escaped the sea and died in this way. I'm lost for words."

The news comes days after the Italian coastguard managed to save more than 500 migrants when their vessel travelling from Libya capsized in the Mediterranean. At least seven are thought to have died in the wreck.