Russell Brand has been labelled a "hypocrite" after the crusading comedian marched to Downing Street to demonstrate against a developer's plans to increase rents at an east London housing estate.

The actor yesterday led a congregation of residents from the New Era Estate, in Hoxton, to Number 10 in protest against US developer Westbrook Partners' plans to hike up rent at the neighbourhood, which was originally earmarked as affordable housing.

But Brand became uncharacteristically prickly when Channel 4 reporter Paraic O'Brien asked if it was millionaires who caused London's rising house prices and rental.

Asked the value of his home, Brand said: "It's rented. I'm not here to talk about my rent, mate."

He then said he identified with the plight of residents living at the New Era Estate and was "not part of the problem, I am part of the solution".

However, Brand was criticised on social media site for the apparent hypocrisy of condemning the rich while sitting on millions in the bank.

"Just what does a multimillionaire, super rich comedian have to say about anything these people are going through?" said one, while another described Brand as "just another hypocritical lefty millionaire".

His views did however garner support from supporters who claimed the 39-year-old was giving an important issue the publicity it deserved.

"The man has a platform created by fame and wealth that gives him a voice most of us could never even dream of," one supporter said beneath a clip of the Channel 4 interview.

"He's using it quite admirably to broadcast and highlight important messages and issues while he still can."