Police searching for missing student Euan Coulthard have reportedly found a body washed up on the banks of the River Wear in Durham.

Diving teams were drafted in by Northumbria Police to the spot near to a restaurant called Inshanghai.

Relatives of the missing law student have been told of the development, but it had not been confirmed that the find was a body at time of publication.

Coulthard - a student at St Mary's college - has been missing since 14 January and friends have joined efforts to find him. A Facebook page dedicated to the campaign has drawn more than 6,000 supporters.

Reacting to news of the development, well-wisher Viktoria Kushchak wrote on the page: "It is simply heartbreaking how life can end so quickly and my sympathies go to the family and friends of whoever is found."

Another wrote: "Every parent's nightmare."