Robert Murat
Robert Murat won £600,000 libel damages from 11 national newspapers after he was cleared of being a suspect in 2008 Getty

Police investigating the disappearance of Madeline McCann want to re-question a former suspect who was first interviewed when the three-year-old went missing in 2007.

Robert Murat has been revealed as one of the 11 people of interest and witnesses who Portuguese police wish to speak to as part in the investigation.

British Police are due to fly over to Portugal to sit in on the questioning of the 11 people, one of who is also believed to be Murat's wife, according to the BBC.

Portuguese media are reporting Murat will be questioning the coming weeks.

Murat was the first person to be named as a suspect in the case when it first opened in 2007. He was never arrested and won substantial libel damages from a number of media organisations after he was cleared by Portuguese police.

He has always denied any involvement Madeleine's disappearance. He told the Guardian his "conscience is clear" and has no problem speaking to police again.