A geophysical survey company has slammed the Australian authorities for failing to investigate aircraft wreckage in the Bay of Bengal while the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 continues.

Australian firm GeoResonance has called the Australian Transport and Safety Bureau (ATSB), "ignorant" and "slanderous" for not exploring an aircraft wreck it identified via its satellites, 190km south of the Bangladesh coastline.

While GeoResonance has never claimed the discovery is missing MH370, it argues the wreck is a lead that still "must be thoroughly followed through".

GeoResonance says on its website that it offers a unique and proven method of geophysical survey that detects electromagnetic fields from various chemical elements.

In a statement this week, the firm said: "The main reason for ignoring the location is the Australian Transport and Safety Bureau [ATSB] Chairman Martin Dolan making a statement that GeoResonance methodology cannot do what we claim.

"This is without ever having anyone contacting GeoResonance for a technical presentation. This slanderous and ignorant statement by a senior public servant is unfathomable when GeoResonance regularly produces accurate results for commercial clients around the globe."

The firm also criticised British satellite company Inmarsat, for releasing only the data that confirmed its 'seventh arc' theory instead of publishing all of the raw data to explore alternative locations.

"The families and friends of those on board MH370 are dismayed that Inmarsat admitted the raw data released was only enough to prove their original model", the GeoResonance statement said.

"Everyone was expecting all of the raw data to be released which would have allowed alternative models to be created. This could have shown up any errors that may exist in the original model which "assumes" MH370 ended up in the Southern Indian Ocean."

GeoResonance questions why Australian radar – the Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN) - did not detect the Boeing 777, given the theory that it crashed into the Southern Indian Ocean.

JORN radar locations
JORN radar locations at Laverton, Alice Springs, Longreach and JCC RAAF Edinburgh GeoResonance