Tom Cruise is back into the folds of Mission Impossible 6 as the high-grossing movie prepares to resume production after a bout of salary dispute.

According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, the Oscar-nominated actor "is on the verge of closing his deal" with Paramount Pictures, the production house responsible for churning huge box-office success with their action-thriller franchise that has starred Cruise as the lead in all the sequels so far.

The news comes after talks of a dispute between Cruise and Paramount over the actor's salary demands and the bone of contention between the two seemed to be Cruise's "back-end profit participation". Previously it was reported that the 54-year-old wanted Paramount to "match or exceed" the amount of profit-sharing that he will earn from Universal Pictures for his lead role in the upcoming Mummy reboot.

As a result of the monetary-disagreement between the studio and Cruise – who has been toplining and producing the movie series since 1996 – production went into a standstill with filming dates being pushed back. However, with the financial issues being resolved, the project is reported to resume production. Co-produced by Paramount and Skydance, MI: 6 is now slated to begin work next spring instead of the proposed January 2017 date.

Once again Christopher McQuarrie, who helmed Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, will be taking charge as the director and screenwriter of the sixth instalment to replicate the whooping $680m (£521m) worth success of the last Mission Impossible movie. Along with McQuarrie, the franchise's face Cruise will also be seen reprising his role as Ethan Hunt, special agent undertaking action-laced missions with some aid from the latest gizmo.

Rebecca Ferguson will also star alongside Cruise to reprise her role as Ilsa from Rogue Nation in the sixth sequel.

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