Tom Cruise is no stranger to performing death-defying stunts in his action movies and in "Mission: Impossible 7," he drives his motorcycle off from a cliff and lands on the ground using a parachute.

Norwegian news site NGTV captured on video the jaw-dropping moment the actor performed the massive motorcycle stunt. He is seen standing on the vehicle as he drives it along a ramp that leads to a cliff. Cruise then takes to the air as the motorcycle drops. He performs a mid-air stunt before he deploys his parachute to land safely on the ground.

The video has since made the rounds on Twitter courtesy of user Zach Maciel who captioned it, "Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise are taking Mission: Impossible 7 to another level."

Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise are taking Mission: Impossible 7 to another level

— zach (@ZachMacieI) September 7, 2020

"This is awesome!! Absolutely one of my favorite action franchises," one user commented.

"This is reminding me of the golden eye-opening bike jump to catch a plane stunt, except this one looks way more real and it's being performed by the legend himself!" another fan wrote. One more guessed that this scene "may take place immediately after the final events in 'Fallout' or kind of in-between" as the location is said to be where Cruise fought against Henry Cavill's villain character in "Fallout."

"Mission: Impossible 7" director Christopher McQuarrie shared a photo of the incredible filming location on Instagram. Apparently, based on his post, Cruise's mid-air motorcycle stunt was filmed on the first day back to production.

"Action... #MI7 Day 1," McQuarrie captioned the snap.

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Action... #MI7 Day 1

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"Mission: Impossible 7" started filming in Italy in February when it was shut down because of the pandemic. The pause inevitably pushed the film's release date to Nov. 4, 2021, instead of on July 21. In June, the movie received the go signal to resume with production this month.

Cruise reportedly hired the £500,000 Hurtigruten cruise ship for the "Mission: Impossible 7" cast and crew to avoid any coronavirus-related travel delays. He booked the ship for the duration of the filming in Norway. A source claimed that the actor is "determined not to see any more hold-ups" and that the studio believes it will keep everyone safe and get the film rolling.

Mission Impossible Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise filming a stunt for Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation. Paramount Pictures