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Mobile phones betray love cheats REUTERS

More love rats are caught out by incriminating evidence on their mobile phones than any other way, according to new research.

The poll, conducted among 2,390 adults who had either had affairs or been cheated on, said the infidelity had frequently come to light thanks to a mobile phone.

For 41 percent, the mobile phone provided the tell-tale evidence, while 23 percent said an affair was uncovered by going through social media accounts. A further 13 percent said that the evidence was discovered on a computer or tablet.

Users of iPhones were most likely to be caught. One-fifth of those who had been exposed were hung out to dry by the Apple device's auto-preview feature, which displays messages even if the phone is locked.

Ten per cent of those polled said they had broken a phone, for example by throwing it, in an argument with a partner.

The poll was commissioned by mobileinsurance.co.uk after it noted a rise in the number of claims for damage to phones caused by relationship splits or arguments.

Managing director John Lamerton said, "You'd be surprised how often relationship arguments and cheating gets cited in mobile phone insurance claims, even though we often don't ask for that depth of detail.

"Evidently, those being unfaithful in relationships need to keep better tabs on who is looking at their mobile phone, as it's by far the most common way in which cheaters are caught. Either that, or they should nip their cheating ways in the bud!"

Being caught in flagrante delicto exposed 11 percent of those cheating, while 5 percent had their affair reported by a friend and 3 percent by a family member.

Only 2 percent confessed to their wrongdoing without being exposed.