Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb
Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb split in 2014, one year after learning they had created five embroyos REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

It appears that Sofia Vergara's two-year-long frozen embryo legal battle with her ex-fiance Nick Loeb is finally over.

The Modern Family star, who has been fighting her former partner over his bid to bring the embryos to term without her consent, scored a major victory on Wednesday (30 August) after a Louisiana federal judge threw out the case.

Federal judge Mary Ann Vial Lemmon said he has no jurisdiction over the embryos — which have been cryogenically frozen since the former couple's IVF treatment in 2013 — because they were conceived in California.

According to The New York Post, 41-year-old Loeb took his contentious court battle with the Colombian actress to Louisiana because it is the only US state where embryos have legal rights of their own, rather than being considered the belongings of their parents.

The suit was filed on behalf of the embryos — named Emma and Isabella in court papers. Loeb had argued that the couple had dated there originally and planned their life together in the state.

"Plaintiffs' claims against Vergara stem from the IVF procedure and related contracts that Vergara and Loeb entered into in California," judge Lemmon wrote in her decision.

"Conversations that allegedly occurred in Louisiana regarding the pre-embryos do not establish minimum contacts by Vergara of purposefully availing herself of the privilege of conducting activities within the forum State, thus invoking the benefits and protections of its laws."

Loeb first sued the 45-year-old star for the rights to the embryos in April 2015 in California, telling Us Weekly he had always dreamed of being a father. "Creating an embryo in the natural way can lead to parenthood obligations, even where a man doesn't want to become a father," he said. "Where a man does want to become a father, and wants to impose no obligations on the other party, he should have that corresponding right."

That same year, Vergara, who is now married to Joe Manganiello, accused Loeb of trying to " take more advantage of my career and try to promote himself and get press for this."