England cricket Monty Panesar tempted a young blonde woman to his hotel room using a dating app, just hours after facing a humiliating Ashes defeat.

The 31-year-old England spin bowler was perhaps hoping to seek solace in the company of the American backpacker, who he invited to his room after exchanging messages with her on Tinder.

Panesar uploaded a picture of himself batting against Australia, on the app, which allows users to interact with other singletons within a 50 mile radius,

The woman, known only as Alison, recognised the spin bowler after attending the match the previous day.

After a brief exchange of messages, in which he stated he loved American women, the cricketer allegedly invited her to the 4 star Como hotel for a drink, as he wasn't allowed to go out under coaches' orders.

"I thought it was a bit strange that he would be behaving like that so soon after they had lost,' the woman told the Sunday Mirror.

"I wanted to talk to him about cricket, but he had no intentions of that. All he seemed interested in was getting me over to the hotel."

"I would have met him in a public place, but I was not going to meet him at his apartment by myself."

The Sikh cricketer is said to have abandoned his teetotal lifestyle after his divorce from his wife, Gursharan Rattan.

The marital break-up has seemingly spawned a series of embarrassing situations for the spin bowler.

A court ordered him to stay away from his former wife in 2011, following an alleged incident outside a pub.

Last summer he was arrested and fined for urinating on bouncers outside Shooshh nightclub in Brighton.

Panesar was chased by the bouncers and was heard screaming for help when they seized him at a pizza parlour.

Issuing a statement at the time, he announced his departure from Sussex County Cricket Club, saying: "I have endured a challenging time this year off the field and my frustrations have sometimes got the better of me. I apologise for letting the club, the colleagues and my fans down."

He faces yet further humiliation, having now been dropped from the England line up following his poor performance against Australia.