The Croisette Boulavard in Cannes
The Croisette Boulavard in Cannes

If you are thinking of a holiday in the sun you might want to check out the world's best tourist destinations first.

France has stormed into top position ahead of the US welcoming more than 82 million visitors annually, according to latest figures.

China came third with more than 57 million visitors and Spain was close behind in fourth place. The UK ranked seventh, attracting 29 million, ahead of Germany, Mexico and Thailand.

The map created by Movehub, a website, which advises people when moving abroad, shows the least favourable places were; The Solomon Islands with 23,000, Moldova - 11,000, Kiribati - 5,300, Marshall Islands - 5,000, and Tuvalu - 1,200.

Map of Most Popular Countries

Reactions have been pouring in about the survey with Patti Pat expressing surprise on Movehub: "Italy Being Italy the country with most UNESCO sites in the world I am definitely quite astonished to find France receiving double the influx of tourists. France is great but I believe Italy has more on the table. Variety of food, beaches, mountain resorts, fashion, lifestyle, cars etc... etc...."

What do you think? What's your favourite country to visit?